People everywhere are making an effort to reduce their impact on the environment and smart companies are extending their efforts to their modular trade show displays. If you’re looking for a way to reduce, reuse and recycle, consider taking advantage of these tips.

Reduce Your Impact: Use Eco-Friendly Lighting

Many portable displays are available with additional elements such as lighting systems. If you’re using lighting with your modular trade show displays, consider using special light bulbs that reduce the amount of electricity necessary to power the lights. These special light bulbs can also reduce your electricity bill when used in the office, so if you’re paying for an electricity charge when taking your stands para ferias portable displays to an event, it won’t hurt to ask if you can have a reduced charge on your bill. The worst that can happen is that the coordinator says no, but it may also encourage others to use these special types of light bulbs if they can get a discount.

Recycle: Print Promotional Materials On Recycled Paper

Many companies print up a number of different types of promotional materials when they take their exhibits to an event. If you’re bringing brochures, business cards, pamphlets and more, consider having them printed on recycled paper using eco-friendly ink. It’s true that some potential clients will take a look at your materials and determine that your company doesn’t fit their needs. One of the ways you can avoid this is to try to qualify visitors to your booth before handing out promotional materials, or print two different sets: one for serious customers and a smaller, condensed version for people who are just casually looking into your services. Also, print a small line near the bottom of the brochure that encourages them to recycle the paper rather than just toss it in the garbage once they’re done with it.

Reuse: Your Banner Stands Can Be Used At Multiple Events

Modular trade show displays that utilize banner stands can pull double duty. Instead of purchasing banner stands that are only used at an event where you’ve taken your portable displays, use them in your business lobby or at a job fair. If you’ve created specific graphics to use at a trade show and they aren’t appropriate for your other events, consider just purchasing a new set of graphics and reusing the frames of the banner stands.

Reduce, reuse and recycle seems to be the catch phrase of the moment, but to actually put this phrase into motion doesn’t have to be difficult. Make an effort to reduce your electricity consumption by using special, eco-friendly light bulbs in your modular trade show displays, print your promotional materials on recycled paper and encourage your customers to recycle them when they’re done. Also, reuse your banner stands and simply update the graphics if it’s time for a new look. These small steps can go a long way towards helping the environment, one company at a time.