The beauty of Stand up Paddle boarding is its simplicity. It’s the water, you, your board and of course your paddle. Now take in the beauty of being outdoors let’s “say” for example in the beautiful waters of Destin Florida. Then you have a glimpse of the real charm and beauty of the sport.

Many others claim that the beauty of paddle boarding is the health benefits. Paddle boarding is easy to learn. It’s a lot of fun and you can enjoy being outside. Its great exercise for your lower back muscles and your legs in particularly. It’s also a great way to keep you arms looking trim. Many people think its one of the best cardio exercises they have done. It is an overall great core workout. The activity Inflatable paddle board also a great therapeutic exercise. It’s low impact by nature. Paddle boarding is also knee friendly and a great alternative to aqua jogging.

Other says the beauty in the boards. Paddle boards are becoming high tech. Boards are constructed in differing forms depending on the primary use of the board. Whether its for recreation or for racing will be some of the determining factors of its construction. Also boards are being enhanced with graphics that make a statement. Some of the boards are work of art.

Some might say the true beauty is in the challenge. Paddlers are adventuresome and love to test themselves. Many paddle stand-up across waterways, riding open ocean swells from island to island and doing crossing that many thought impossible just 5 years ago. These are activities that some of the elite paddle boarders do to challenge themselves. Even the beginner; though can find ways to challenge themselves as their skills progress.

Racing is the most beautiful thing about to many. These paddle boarding events happen often. These races are about community and pride. They are also about true athletic achievement. Attendees and spectators seem to always be cheerful at these events and the paddlers always seem to have a big smile. Racing is a great way to measure your skill as a paddle boarder.