Well; the universe of Projection is surely an immense spot to ponder ignorant, so get educated. I will attempt to keep this guide as straightforward as could reasonably be expected. 

Things to search for when purchasing a projector: 


There are numerous projector makers nowadays that make it appear to be difficult to look over. In any case, to make it less difficult, numerous makers now a days use parts that are provided from other producer. In other word not all the parts in a projector is produced by a similar maker. Subsequently numerous projectors as of now have comparable parts consolidated into them. Continuously read audits posted on PC magazines and online PC magazines prior to buying top of the line/expensive projector. Search for an organization that offers the best guarantee and backing. Brands like Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp, In-center, View sonic, Mitsubishi, Epson are among the best of the best. Visit About :-  Galaxy Projector


There are numerous advancements accessible today. In any case, the primary two sorts are LCD and DLP. In basic DLP which represents Digital Light Processing utilizes hair width little mirrors to mirror light into a screen. DLP offer better generally picture yet cost much more. So for home clients its better to pick LCD based projector due to there much lower cost and higher accessibility. Additionally LCD projector offer astounding picture that is equivalent to DLP. Enormous organizations and introduction arranged organizations well discover DLP a superior decision. 

There are additionally projections boards. Projections boards are a type of straightforward showcase that are set over a standard Overhead projector and used to extend a similar sort of video sources that typical projector use. Projection boards are less expensive than the sorts portrayed before. 

CRT Projectors are an old projection innovation that is not, at this point utilized nowadays. 


Goal is significant viewpoint to consider when buying a projector. Numerous more seasoned models are VGA (640*480) and SVGA (800*600); these models are useful for showing films and other low goal pictures, however will no be adequate for anticipating top notch pictures requested by very good quality application, for example, 3d demonstrating, games, test systems and CAD. Check the straightforward graph beneath: 

640*480 (VGA) goals are useful for Video Games, VHS, VCD and Standalone DVD clients. This board is ideal for DIYers needing to keep costs at least. 

800*600 (SVGA) goals are ideal for Computer based DVD playback and typical Windows and activity framework work. (Additionally all the abovementioned) 

1024*768 (XGA) goal is ideal for high goal Computer Games and plan applications, for example, AutoCAD (in addition to all the abovementioned) 

1280*1024 (SXGA) goal is ideal for HDTV applications and PC programming that require high detail (in addition to all the abovementioned) 

Shading Depth 

Shading profundity states how great the LCD speaks to shading. It’s the quantity of tones a screen or a LCD board can show. A decent shading profundity is 16-Bit; albeit 24-Bit is emphatically prompted, this is the shading profundity that most very good quality projection boards have. 


Something essential to examine is the kind of light utilized. Check the substitution cost of lights and future. It would make you nothing but bad in the event that you buy a low value projector and later discover that each light substitution will cost you 400$. New light models can work for at least 10,000 hrs.