This will be a “Anti healer/tank” build. Because you put out enough DPS, there is really no reason to worry about ranged DPS. Healers and tanks are what dictate who wins a battle. As such, your three most important stats will be:

Strength = adds to melee damage
Wounds = adds to hit points
Initiative = Increases your chance to dodge ranged attacks, detect stealthed opponents and makes it more difficult for enemies to critically hit you.

The 25 points will be placed as follows: (There will be a few extra points due to RvR rewards, however we will not use them here)

15 in “Inquisition”
Buy the following skills in the Inquisition สล็อตออนไลน์ tree for one point each:
Full Confession
Seal of Destruction
Punish the False
Encourage Confession
Exit Wound

Skills in the tree you do not buy: “Prolonged Confession”.

The last 4 points will be put in the “Confession” tree. Any additional points should also be placed in “Confession”, there is no reason to buy the bottom skill in the tree.

80 RvR points to be placed in:

Might level 1 = 1 point
Might level 2 = 3 points
Might level 3 = 6 points
Might level 4 = 10 points
Might level 5 = 14 points

Impetus level 1 = 1 point
impetus level 2 = 3 points

Assault level 1 = 2 points
Assault level 2 = 4 points
Assault level 3 = 6 points

Reflexes level 1 = 5 points
Reflexes level 2 = 10 points
Reflexes level 3 = 15 points

The purpose of this build is to take out the two most important classes in a PvP battle.

Here are the planned active morale skills:

Level 1 = Sever Nerve
Level 2 = Force of Will
Level 3 = Broad Swings
Level 4 = Excommunicate