Although rarely thought of, installing splash blocks onto your home’s exterior is actually one of the most important steps that you can take to insure the structural integrity of your house. While you might think it’s an insignificant thing to worry about, think of how much money you could be losing over the course of your lifetime if you have a leaky roof or foundation that can’t handle a huge unexpected downpour. And remember, if your home was built before codes and building restrictions were as lax as they are today, that means you’re already at risk. Let us examine the basic components of splashblocks for the home:

Splash blocks are comprised of three primary components: the splash page, the navigation links and the background image. The splash page is the webpage that appears when you visit your site through the link that is displayed when you click on the splash block. This page typically displays a preview of what is going to be found on the site that you’ve clicked on. Typically, a splash page will display the company’s logo and their contact information, along with the background image or graphic that goes along with their business. This is the part of the site that will make the difference between a website that is both visually attractive, as well as a page that does not deliver the visitor a pleasant experience. Ideally, the splash page should deliver all of these things to the visitor while simultaneously being aesthetically pleasing.

The splash page, by definition, is a single page that a visitor arrives to after clicking on an advertisement, pop-up or a small web page that displays a product or service. It is designed to draw the focus of the visitor quickly and once, and then that person is directed to either the home page or the landing page (the main page where they can find the rest of what the site has to offer) 먹튀. The splash or landing page is designed to convert a random set of visitors into customers. In other words, it is the webpage that is the first point of contact for a user on the internet. If that user does not find what they were searching for, they are most likely going to hit back on the search engines or go elsewhere to look for what they need.

The splash page functions as the “entry point” for your site. Ideally, it is the webpage that holds all of the most important pieces of information about your business and your services. Because it is the splash page, it is the one page that a visitor is most likely to read first. Therefore, if your splash page does not deliver a valuable information hook, it is going to make the user move on without a second look. As such, it is critical that you focus on the usability and design of your splash page in order to ensure that you get conversions for all of the pages that you have on your website.

Most often, splash pages are used to help guide the visitor to a “exited” page. In other words, it is the page that redirects the user to another location where they can complete the action that they were attempting to do on the main website. Typically, these exits are known as “splash outs”, but some companies also use exit links.

Another important tip is to have a splash page with a “splash” or to have a visible welcome screen. A splash page is where you are welcoming the visitor. Ideally, it should be the first thing the visitors see when they arrive on the main website. The splash page acts as the “first impression” for the visitor. Ideally, it will lead to another page that is focused on the action that the visitor was looking to accomplish on the site.

Finally, it is important that you place a splash pages at the very end of your website. It is common practice to have your splash pages at the very end or the very beginning of your site. However, it is a common mistake for many businesses to have their splash pages just after the welcome screen. This practice can lead to confusion among new visitors to your site and can frustrate them, especially if they are unable to find their desired content.

These tips will help you understand how do I create a splash page varies when you are working with a visitor coming to your site for the first time. If you need help deciding which tips and tricks work best for your site, feel free to reach out to one of our experienced web development associates. We are here to help! Feel free to leave us a comment.