I’m Munaz Anjum and this time I’m going to address some of the following questions that have often crept in.

1) What is the relevancy of Meta keywords on search engines?

2) How many Meta keywords should ideally be put in?

3) Where can keywords be used?

Answering these questions has never been a difficult job for me. But what really concerns me is a valid proof. Do I have anything that validates my argument? I’ve been consistently studying search engine algorithms for a long period. I have not skipped to see the most frequent search engines algorithmic changes. Not only Google but also other search engines are also changing their algorithms quite often. Since Google is the major search engine, so I’m more focused towards Google. I don’t study Google Optimization. I study Search Engine Optimization.

At time when I know my views alone don’t create an impetus to all of you as such to accept what I say. So, this time I’m going to let out my logical explanations with some reliable sources. I hope this may prove to be a convincing explanation, as far as I think.

First off, what’s the relevancy of the Meta keywords on search engines?

I’m not in a hurry to say that Meta keywords have lost their relevance today. It does hold some water but not as much as some SEO firms/people think. Today, Meta keywords hold no value for major search engines like Google and Yahoo! But Meta tags do still hold value as long as we use keywords in ‘Meta Title’ and ‘Meta Description.’ But make sure that the niche keywords MUST be there in contents. Quality of keywords in tandem with the quality of contents do matter more than the quantity of keywords pushed in Meta tags.

Secondly, We have come up with an age of web 2.0. What was worth to do is no longer worth to do now. Time is gone when Meta keywords were the only reliable source for many major search engines to display the results. Sooner, the search engines have identified them as a tool for many e-commerce sites to manipulate the results. Now, they have stopped valuing Meta keywords to ensure a quality display 토토사이트 of results. But it doesn’t mean that Meta keywords, in toto, have lost its significance. It holds some significance if we concentrate more specifically on Quality of Keywords. It’s illogical to offer an argument to use 40 or 50 or 60 Meta keywords. There is no standard search engine rule with regard to using Meta keywords. Some suggest a limit of 1,000 characters. Those who set this numeric limit of Meta keywords must have held the opinion that this formula works. They often cite the example of AltaVista to prove their logic to be correct. But Alta Vista has not set such limit -I’m sure. Just because their formula has got some ‘HITS’, they seem to have misunderstood and have begun interpreting 1,000 characters as a standard limit for Meta keywords. If, for a second, I assume to believe on AltaVistanian ground, another thing baffles me regarding the number of keywords/kps. 1,000 characters don’t necessarily mean the usage of 50 or 60 or 70 keywords.

Meta keywords are the legacy of web 1.0, which don’t work at all in O’Reilly’cyber world of web 2.0. Only Meta title and Meta description can play some role because they are the part of the inside contents of the web page. What I suggest instead to use quality keywords based on the subject of the contents. We should be more focused towards creaming the keywords than towards cramming the keywords.

When I talk of quality keywords, it doesn’t mean that we unnecessarily devote much time to find niche keywords. Since, we have already defined our market, and target audiences. We generate contents for them. So, picking up a few keywords from the contents and checking them in overture and other keyword tools may help us get quality keywords. We should then try to check keywords if they are there in the heading, title, and description. This is the most important area we should work to ensure a good SERP.

Lastly, where to use a few additional keywords in case we find?

Once we use the top most keywords in title, heading, description, we can then go ahead to use them in Meta keywords. So long as we can best use the keywords in title, heading, and description, it least matters where to use a few additional keywords. We can use them in Meta keywords.