There are many reasons for hiring meeting rooms in London. Maybe space is at a premium at your premises, you need to bring colleagues together from all over the South East, the UK or beyond, or perhaps you just want to avoid the distractions of the office for a team briefing.

Whatever the reason, it’s tempting to head into central London. But wait, here are five reasons to look beyond the Square Mile for your meeting room in London.

(1) Escape the hustle and bustle of the City

A meeting room just outside central London can offer a more relaxed pace, yet still be close to the heart of Europe’s leading financial centre. Maybe it’s because there’s actually more space west of Paddington, or maybe it’s just a matter of perception. Either way, head along the A4 or the Westway for a mile or so and meetings often seem a less frantic.

And of course, when the day’s over or you want some after-hours relaxation, W1 is just minutes away.

(2) Great transport links to your meeting rooms

If colleagues are flying in, a room outside central London may be easier to get to than one in the heart of the City. And for car drivers, locations close to the Westway or A12 are easy to reach from the M25.

It makes a difference for busy people.

(3) Plenty of parking (and you’re outside the congestion zone)

Parking is so important that it warrants special mention. London meeting room venues located outside the central congestion zone save people money.

Also on arrival at their meeting, imagine how pleased they’ll be to find plentiful parking at the venue – almost certainly cheaper and easier to use than Central London parking.

(4) Experience and reputation

Just because a venue is outside the Square Mile needn’t mean settling for second best. Plenty of venues west of Notting Hill offer facilities and expertise as good as (or better than) anything you’ll find in the heart of London, including:-

  • Experienced staff
  • Modern facilities
  • Easy access to set up equipment or props
  • A great choice of rooms and suites
  • Associated facilities on the same site

(5) Facilities – more than just ‘a meeting room’

In fact, when it comes to facilities, you’ll find some of the most comprehensive outside the Square Mile.

At the best equipped London meeting rooms you can choose between a large suite for several hundred delegates or a small room for that morning meeting. Either way, expect the latest audiovisual equipment, air-conditioning and plenty of natural daylight. And of course, superb catering for coffee-breaks or full meals. Some venues even have on-site shops and banking.