Why does our government give billions of dollars for free to bail out HUGE companies who dug their own graves? These corporations that we have bailed out have made millions and billions of dollars profit over the years and now they are all of a sudden they are going bankrupt. Maybe instead of paying the CEO’s of these companies multi million dollar “golden parachutes” in severance pay we could spread that money into our struggling school systems.

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Through March 23rd of this year the U.S. governments has made commitments of about $9.8 trillion dollars and has spent $2.4 trillion already. If you were to split the $2.4 trillion into 307,212,123 population of the U.S. that would give every person $7,812.19 exactly. If they were to just give the whole $9.8 trillion back to the people it would give every person an astonishing $31,899.78. Now I think that would bail just about every person out of most of their debt and people would be spending money in the economy to keep all of our jobs going aseanqq.

You see when these companies that are going bankrupt start laying off their hourly employees those people stop spending money in our community. It creates a domino effect that spreads like a wild fire, slowly but surely. A great deal of this has to do with our American auto industry, millions of americans have been affected from the plummeting sales in your Ford and General Motors automobiles. Once millions of our auto workers have been laid off many of them have been forced to stop spending as much money on unnecessary purchases, and many have lost their homes to foreclosure due to lack of money to pay the bills.

This is just the beginning of the domino effect! This trickles down to your vendors and contractors at all factories and local businesses around the world. Not to speak of the food industry that is normally low paying as is. Restaurants and local bars have slowed due to lack of customers as not many people can afford to eat out very often.

I often think back and ask myself when did this all start? I truly believe it was when gas prices raised through the roof to over $5 a gallon in many places. This caused Every business that you know of to raise their prices because of “gas surcharges”. Gas is now lower than it has been in 4 years but I don’t see a single company removing that little extra “gas surcharge” since the prices have gone down. The reason is they don’t want the prices to go down plain and simple. Even so, I think it’s a little too late for that now.

This is how our government makes the rich more money and the poor even poorer. I don’t think it matters who is running the government they are always going to have their own interest in mind first over the middle or low class. Why else would they bail out all of these companies who flew private jets for weekend vacations and gave millions of dollars in severance to the guys who ran their company bankrupt? The reason is many powerful people had a lot of their money in these companies and how could we let them just chalk it up as a loss.

Just think of the, and that’s even giving the money to non taxpayers too. What if they just gave it to us taxpayers, I mean it was our money to start with if I’m not mistaken. No wonder why our country is plummeting to the ground like a casino in Las Vegas. Please people just pass these facts on to somebody else to enlighten them a little bit more about how the bail out money could have been spent on us instead of the huge corporations who did not know how to run a business.