There are many companies that claim to be one of the only suppliers of CBD oil, but in all actuality there are only a handful of true hemp product manufacturers in North America. Most of these companies are small, with less than ten employees and a low profile. While this may sound like a good thing, it often leads to poor quality hemp products and contaminated supplies, both of which are illegal under federal law. Only a handful of legitimate hemp product manufacturers are able to stay within the confines of legality.

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Despite the fact that CBD is legal in the United States under the Hemp Farming Act of 1970, CBD oil remains banned altogether in the United States. Prohibitions on the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, possession and transportation of hemp products still exist in the twelve original states (Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin) as well as the District of Columbia. CBD advocates believe that the Controlled Substances Act should include CBD as an extract in order to legalize it for medical purposes. The Controlled Substances Act does allow for the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, possession and testing of non-THC CBD oil Hemp product manufacturers. However, it does not allow the possession, testing, or distribution of CBD as a beverage. Only products that are specifically labeled “Hemp Products” can legally be sold as of March 2021.

So, what is the big deal? The hemp industry is in the middle of an economic renaissance. The current nationwide unemployment rate is below 4%, and millions of people have found jobs in the industrial hemp industry. To put the federal policy at stake and create more confusion in the marketplace is not only irresponsible on the part of the government, but also harmful to the growing economy of our nation.
hemp product manufacturers | industrial hemp | state | manufacturers | federal policies} It is important that consumers be aware of the federal law when considering a CBD product. Many state governments are trying to take control of the industry and inhibit local manufacturers from selling CBD oil. States such as Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, California, New York and North Carolina are attempting to prevent the implementation of industrial hemp into their states. Some states, like Illinois are attempting to circumvent the state laws and have actually filed suit against other states that may have enacted legislation related to industrial hemp.