To test at home can save you money and the peace of mind of knowing if your symptoms are caused by STDs. Many people have used home testing for certain diseases and illnesses in the past but have had no luck with it. If you’ve had bad experiences with STD home testing, read on to learn why you should not do it.

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Home STD tests can be unreliable. First, the symptoms may not show up right away or you might have had a flare-up before you came into contact with the sample. Second, if the test is done at home, you might be testing the wrong type of HPV or another disease. And, most importantly, you probably will not know for sure if you actually have an STD or not because no one can tell you what your symptoms are without seeing you right away std test at home.

Home STD tests have many advantages over taking the next step and seeing a doctor. For one thing, the process is much easier. You don’t have to drive all around town and wait in line for hours for an appointment. The samples can be sent straight to your home, so there’s no waiting. And once you get home, you can look at the samples at your leisure in the privacy of your home.

Home STD tests can also be very accurate. Because no one is looking for the results at home, accuracy is much better than when you go to see a doctor, which is why most people prefer to do a home STD test instead. An accurate test can indicate whether or not you are suffering from an STD and if you do, you can start treatment right away and start living your life the way you want to live it.

Home STD tests can also be very private. You don’t have to tell anyone else. You don’t have to discuss your symptoms with your doctor or anyone else in the office. You can take the test anywhere you want – in your home, the bathroom, at work, and so on. There are no embarrassing conversations to have to do when you don’t need to.

Another advantage of testing for STDs at home is that you can get tested for any symptoms that you think you may have. Sometimes you might assume that you have an STD only to find out that you don’t. That can be a big problem because you will then be saddled with a diagnosis that you don’t need. When you get a diagnosis, you still have to get treatment. And treatment can take several weeks or months to take effect.

There’s no need to get caught up in the cycle of having symptoms and then having to wait to get treated. You don’t have to do that. When you’re able to get tested right at home, you can start early on getting treatment so that you can end the pain of dealing with STD symptoms.

Don’t let a lack of education make you think that you don’t need to be tested for STDs. It’s easy to contract infections when you don’t go to the doctor on time. Going to the doctor for an exam is as simple as going to the doctor for a checkup. You shouldn’t have to explain why you’re taking the test to anyone, and you don’t have to pay any more than you have to. Having the ability to be treated right away when you need helps to put the fear of contracting an STD behind you, which is one of the benefits of doing a home test.