PDF converter refers to a computer application used to convert PDF files to Excel, Word, Power Point and other such applications. This tool also converts PDF file formats out any of the computer applications. Businesses worldwide make widespread use of Portable Document Format application. The popularity of the PDF format is due to its advanced and modified features. The features of PDF format keep the original content secure and intact. It is easily transmittable and accessible on multiple platforms. There are many tools required for the purpose of converting this non-editable format to update the changes. The updated document is then transmitted to its destination in PDF file format. These tools make the task of the user easy and flexible.

An entrepreneur should carefully select a good PDF tool. There are unique features to explore in these tools. These attributes can make your task convenient and smooth. The basic feature of these tools is that they enable a user to convert PostScript, Excel, Image or Word into PDF and vice versa. Advanced tools provide a user with ‘Partial’ or ‘Batch’ conversion features. The ‘Partial conversion’ feature enables a user to select the pages that he wants to convert to selected format. In the ‘Batch conversion’ feature you can convert multiple files into any doc to pdf converter selected file format. There are modified tools that equip a user with the task to merge and split PDF files. This makes your task easy to create several business applications. Other advanced tools enable a user to keep the formatting of the original text intact and secure during the process of PDF conversion from one format to another. In this feature the paragraphs, styles, graphics, images, tables, columns or annotations are copied as they were in the original document. You do not require reformatting the converted text. Other sophisticated tools offer options for font substitutions, image resolutions, annotation management and much more. These tools can be operated on the multiple platforms. You can even embed security features in a converted document.

These advanced tools and applications are widely available on the Internet. They enable the user to create newsletters, memos, contracts, legal documents and much more. These tools are widely used in all sorts of businesses