Over the years, air conditioning systems have evolved. With newer technologies and functionalities being developed everyday, it’s challenging to keep up to date. This rapid improvement in technology has shaped our everyday life so much that we now totally rely on the use of technological devices just to carry out simple and basic day to day tasks. This recent development in advance technology is a beautiful thing when weighing in on the good side of it. Unlike our great grandfathers who rode on horses to travel from one point to another which is very time consuming and energy draining. This generation now boast of super jets that can get you from Adelaide to Sydney within two hours without breaking a sweat 2匹窗口式冷氣機.

This is a tremendous and mind blowing advancement in human history. The fact that we can do more within little time has helped us accomplish more than the generation before us could. Before the development of computer and telecommunications systems, long distance communication was super slow. As a matter of fact, kings rely on pigeons to carry and deliver letters from one kingdom to another. This generation on the other hand now enjoy instant messaging such as; Facebook communication, whatsapp, emails and so on. Now we can seat at the comfort of our room right in front of our computers and have a live communication with our relatives that lives in another continent with the help of brilliant computer software such as Skype. The rate at which technology is being improved on is almost at the speed of light. This is no different in the air conditioning industry. From the use of fanning system to ducted and reverse cycle air conditioning system. Air conditioners now come with the ability to create compartment in your home. You don’t have to run your air conditioning system for the entire house anymore, you can easily turn one room on and leave the other off within the same system. The Zone air conditioner has made it possible to save more on electricity.

When you run any air conditioning system that is not split air conditioning you must keep in mind that you might be running a risk of having your entire home heating or cooling without the option of partitioning. Split air conditioning systems are good for just one room, either bed room or living room. It’s difficult to rely on one split air conditioning system to keep a four bedroom house warm during the chilling cold season or cool during the blazing hot summer. Therefore, all other types of air conditioning system was introduced to household, solving this problem once and for all. Even though all other air conditioning system such as duct and evaporative air conditioning have the capacity to keep a relatively large house cool and warm, another challenge present itself. This is the fact that it’s not enough to have an air conditioning system that possess high capability to run an entire house, but also have the functionality to partition it high capability.

Study has shown that majority of homes have different temperature within themselves. What we mean by this is that; if you have a house with three bed rooms in it such as bed room A, B and C, there are possibilities that bed room A has a different temperature in comparison to bedroom B and C. Bedroom A may be warmer than the other two bedrooms depending on the location of the same. We know that when a room is exposed to the heat of the sun more than other rooms in the same house, the room that get the most heat takes the most time to cool when you turn on your air conditioning system. This mean that even if you run an air conditioning with high capability that could get every room in your house cool within fifteen minutes, the room that got the most of sun scourging heat will take longer than fifteen minutes to cool. This itself is a problem that needed to be addressed. Also, running an air conditioning that could saturate your entire home at once possess its own disadvantages. One of which is the fact that you get to pay more bills, and even if there is no need to cool the entire house because no one is in it, your air conditioning doesn’t understand that so it cools the entire house anyway, wasting energy and mounting up your electric bills. This list goes on.

These disadvantages erupted the need for a Zoned air conditioning system. Zoning systems are pretty brilliant and simple all in one. The system is built on a multiple thermostats that is wired to a central control panel. This control panel operates within the ductwork of the system. The thermostats constantly read the temperature of their specific zone location, then open or close the dampers within the ductwork according to the thermostats’s settings. Not only is system zoning helpful for houses with inconsistent room temperatures, it’s also a brilliant system that cools or heat individual rooms based on the desired temperature pre-set by the occupant of that room. The right application of this beautiful system could save homeowners about 30 percent on their energy bills.

Even though the highly regarded zoning system has proven to be energy effective with unprecedented advantages, many homeowners are hesitant to make the transition from unzoned system to zoning system because of the installation cost that come with the transition. The truth however is the fact that the long term saving will offset the initial installation cost that comes with the transitioning helping you save even more on the long run. If you are looking at making the switch today and you don’t know where to start, why not pick up your phone and speak to Rite Price Heating and Cooling for one of their ongoing deals.