Getting a new mobile phone on contract from a mobile phone network may be a great way to get a new mobile phone, compared to buying it from a high street dealer. But what if you keep getting rejected due to your bad credit record? Then you’re going to need a company that may be more sympathetic towards someone who has a poor credit rating. Here are some simple tips you should consider when applying for a mobile phone contract if you have bad credit history or credit problems.

People usually get refused when they apply for a contract mobile phone because of their poor credit history membership card printing or even a lack of credit history. If you have ever experienced such an awful situation, do not despair. Believe it or not, it’s actually not that difficult to get a new mobile phone even with a bad credit history. There are a good number of networks and tariffs available for clients who are running into credit problems. These plans are specially designed for those who have poor credit and are often a great way to obtain a free contract phone and a reasonable tariff.

Recently, mobile phone companies have been showing high acceptance rates for consumers with low credit and provide various options with free mobile phones and low-priced monthly tariffs. You can pick a network to suit your needs.

You can even apply for a high-end handset that has arrived newly on the market despite credit problems that you may have. But it is essential to be rational when selecting a phone and tariff, because every network has a risk threshold for approving applications. Your application could result in refusal if you have bad credit and ask for a top-of-the-range phone like the iPhone 4, or even the soon-to-be-released iPhone 5. The same principle would apply if you opted for a pricey tariff with a high allowance of free minutes, text and data.

Hence, if you have bad credit history, an economical tariff on a “mid-range” mobile handset would be the ideal option for you. Remember – you could upgrade your phone at a later stage to a “higher-end” handset and maybe even an iPhone, should you pay on time by direct-debit and have no late payments on your account.

Alternatively, some networks have started to offer SIM-only plans. These SIM-only plans are a good starting point for getting a contract which could then be upgraded some months later. They are easier to obtain as they are a low risk for mobile networks (since they are not going to lose money and aren’t subsidizing the cost of a handset by issuing a new contract).

In addition to this, some network credit checks are not so strict. When applying for a contract phone, you should be aware that every company will do a credit check, mainly to verify billing addresses and check the voters register. Some networks’ credit check criteria can be harder than others.

If you need a mobile phone contract but have bad credit, don’t overlook these points when searching. Prepay phones can be found in local areas for anyone to buy from the shops. Indeed, it may not be the dream phone everyone desires, but it at least allows a person to get a working phone, and maybe a contract plan could provide you with a better phone and bring you savings with the voice, text and data allowances that come with it.