Getting listed in Search Engine is the first choice of people and part of Google Optimization Process. Google has indexed more than 8 billion pages and now it has become a bit slower. It is believed that now it takes 4-6 weeks for you to get indexed in search results. But waiting for such a long period requires a lot of patience when there are time constrains to promote a website.

It means a lot to rank high in major search engines. Around 40% of the search engine traffic comes from Google. The question that may come in your mind is that if it is there any way to get listed more quickly despite hearing a lot about sandbox. Well it is possible to get listed in short period of time if you take care of certain basics. Among the many ways of getting listed quickly is the best known method and that is to make the Sitemap. Other method is to increase the inbound links to your website google优化.

This is created by programmers that help people to get their site listed in much faster way. This informs Google what your site is all about and what it is related to, how many pages are there in your website and which updates are done in the website on regular basis.

Try to build the inbound links of your website. This can be done through article submissions, directory submissions and link exchange etc. All this will help in indexing your site faster. These links will also help you to rank higher in search engines. Just follow the guidelines and submit the sitemap.

Apart from being the biggest search engine, Google is fast and simple to use. In less than a second you are able to find the most results. They also show the cached version of the web page. It provides results with information and links related to your query. This helps to make and quickly find what you are searching for.