An aerial work platform truck, also called an aerial lift-off vehicle, cherry picker, boom lift, stabilizer lift-off unit or mobile cherry picker, is a mechanical lifting device typically used to offer temporary access to hard-to-reach areas, usually in the air. Usually these vehicles can only be accessed from the ground. They use an extendable boom and winch to lift up loads and take them into the air. This kind of lifting equipment is usually used on jobs that involve digging, transporting and lifting heavy objects and materials.

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The job site must be thoroughly searched before the platform truck is deployed. It cannot just be set up anywhere, since it is not mobile. The ground must be perfectly level so that it does not fall over. It must also be wide enough to accommodate the platform truck, its platform and the load to be moved. The load usually consists of material or products to be lifted. Platform lifts are commonly used by the manufacturers and contractors of different kinds of businesses and industries ban xe nang dau 2.5 tan.

The lifting vehicle is made to withstand tremendous weight which is why it is commonly used for hauling heavy and large objects and materials. The work of the truck can be done quickly and efficiently due to the powerful platform truck engine. This heavy-duty truck engine is often fueled with hydraulics and is capable of sustaining the extra weight. If there is a need to move the objects in a rapid manner, then the truck can accommodate its engine power in addition to the weight of the load to be carried.

In addition to the powerful engines, the trucks used for aerial work platforms can provide other essential elements. The counterbalance rollers, the mast cable, the boom lift cylinder and the stabilizer lift cylinder are some of the many components that make up this powerful machine. The aerial work platforms are used for many types of industries such as earthworks, road works, building projects, construction, plumbing and many others. Since these machines are so large in size, they are often rented from company rental services.

Some of the important functions of the aerial lift truck are to carry and place the heavier loads and to raise and lower the platforms safely. If the machine needs to raise or lower the platforms while transporting or lifting the materials, then it needs a counterbalance system to keep the load steady. The boom lift cylinder is used when the machine is lifting a very heavy object. This device is fitted on the front end of the platform truck and is able to handle the extra weight.

The most common type of aerial work platforms is the straight lift truck. These trucks have a long pole running through the center of the back. This pole is extended and is attached to the rear of the truck. The material to be lifted is placed on top of the pole and then the pole is slowly raised to the desired height. The pole is then slowly lowered to the ground and the crane extended so that it can pick the object up and transport it safely to the truck. Some other variants of aerial work platforms are the inclined crane, the boom tower crane, the forklift truck, and many more.