A Vietnam travel guide is a great idea when planning your next vacation. Vietnam, previously known as the French Indochina, is a Southeast Asian country rich in rivers, beaches, pagodas and vibrant cities. Hanoi, the largest city, pays tribute to the revolutionary leader, Ho Chi Minh, through a massive statue of him. Ho Chi Minh City (now known as Saigon) contains many historic monuments, such as the Vietnam War Museum and Củ Chi Tram. Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, also has a huge marble mosaic known as the Củ Mausoleum, which was created during the French invasion of Vietnam. The C ủ Chi Tram is another great attraction, as it runs around the circumference of the town.

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A Vietnam travel guide will give an excellent description of the street food of Vietnam. Vietnam is famous for its street food, which includes such famous dishes as La Trungpa (Vietnamese pork ribs), Pho (Fried Rice) and Tuo (Spicy Pork). Vietnamese cuisine is renowned for its use of spicy, robust ingredients such as ginger, garlic, fish sauce and chilies.

Motorcycle tours are popular in Vietnam, especially along the coast. Hanoi offers a wide array of motorbike tours to choose from. You can choose a tour that covers a specific region or take a more generalized route. A Vietnam travel guide can help you determine the best route and advise you about which types of motorbikes are suitable for the journey. Tourists also often hire chukka carts, which are large trucks that offer tourists easy transportation from one place to another vietnamjour.com.

Another aspect of Vietnam travel guide that should be studied is the different types of visas available. This is particularly important if you are traveling to other countries in the region, as your visa may differ from that of the country you are visiting. For example, if you are traveling to Canada, you will need a visa to enter the country. In general, all visitors to Vietnam require a visa, as entry is required for virtually all activities, including commercial ventures.

An excellent Vietnam travel guide will tell you what the best things to do are. One of the best things to do in Vietnam is to visit the numerous beaches that are available in Vietnam, and to participate in some water sports. Some of the beaches are considered to be amongst the best in the world, in terms of their conditions and facilities. Vietnam offers a number of activities for all ages, including beach volleyball and water skiing.

Your Vietnam travel guide should also tell you when the best time to visit Vietnam is. This can be useful depending on where you are headed to Vietnam, as many tourist destinations become crowded during certain times of the year, especially during high peak seasons. If you are going to visit Vietnam in the winter months, it is particularly important to ensure that you do not fall prey to the hot temperatures during the day. It is usually better to visit Vietnam during the cooler months of the year, as temperatures can remain relatively low throughout the day.