Human societies do best when there is a proper number of males to females. When there are too many males, and they are all of ages between 16 and 35 there is a greater chance for Civil War, major disruptions, or even a country choosing to go to war. Civilizations have always wondered and had a challenge as to what to do with their huge male populations. They’ve tried everything, enlisting them in the Army to go fight foreign wars or invade for more territory or putting them to work to build stuff.

The other options are somewhat problematic, as if the two above are any better. If you end up putting people to work against their will, that’s nothing more than slavery, or in modern society economic enslavement. If you enlist them into an army, you are sending many of your young men off to get slaughtered, and that’s not good for anyone. If you notice all the civil unrest in the world, it is coming from places with too many young males in the population, and this skewed demographic will continue to plague mankind and human societies.

There was a very interesting article in Medical Express on May 26, 2011 titled “Nuclear Radiation Affects Baby Gender” written up by Springer 嬰兒用品店. The article noted that;

“Ionizing radiation exposure leads to an increase in male births. Research shows that radiation from atom bomb testing prior to the Partial Test Ban Treaty in 1963, the Chernobyl accident, & living near nuclear facilities, a long-term negative effect on the ratio of human births (sex odds). Increases in the EU & US (1964-1975) likely due to dispersed atmospheric atomic bomb test fallout, prior to test ban 1963”

Okay so, with the giant earthquake and tsunami in Japan, much radiation was leaked out, and dispersed by the wind. High levels of radiation were found all over Japan, as well is in Tokyo. Much of the food, including fish and agricultural foods also had high levels of radiation. If all of your food supply has higher levels of radiation, and if this medical research is correct, which I believe it to be, then in the future Japan will have a problem with too many males in its population, which will start to appear in 2-decades as their demographics shift.

Right now, China has this problem due to their one child policies, and how they were getting rid of all their female babies – right now in China there are 120 males for every 100 females, and it is a significant hardship to get over. Will Japan have the same problems in the future? In many Arab and African countries there are quite a few younger males also, and there is also quite a bit of turbulence, and civil unrest.

It’s hard to build a civilization when the demographics are skewed in this way. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this from a philosophical perspective and from a scientific researched point of view.