A leather belt is a functional and stylish piece of leather goods which can be easily worn and left on display. It is often used as part of accessories for men’s wardrobe. But not all men can wear the belts on the basis that they are durable. Below you will find a list of reasons why you should not wear it on a regular basis:

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  • Leather is an animal product and leather is prone to deterioration with continuous exposure to heat, sunlight and rain. Leather is a kind of leather but not qualifies to be called genuine leather as its processing has not undergone any kind of animal testing. Genuine leather products and belts made from it should be free from manufacturing defects such as tears, holes, cracks, tears, burns, mildew and mold, etc. If your belt has any of these defects in it, then it is not genuine leather. To test whether your belt is top grain or full grain, rub the leather with your finger over again until you get a scratch.
  • Nowadays many manufacturers of leather products are using synthetic leather which is very cheap and less durable. Synthetic leather is usually blended with other materials to produce a more durable product giay da ca sau. However the problem with synthetic leather is that it can not bear extreme temperatures, so the material used in manufactured belts can melt easily when exposed to heat. So if you are wearing a belt made from synthetic leather, do take proper care of it to avoid this type of damages. You should also pay attention to the type of stitching and looping done on your belts. Straight stitching is best but if you have no time to do so, avoid those with spiral or round loops.
  • Avoid full grain leather belts. These are usually made of hide that is very thick and cannot be stained, molded or polished like genuine leather belts. While buying leather belts, you need to check that the grain is even and uniform all over. Also check whether the spots are rubbed off or not. This is because even though the hide is thick, it is not resistant to stain, so rubbing the spots will not remove them.
  • Make sure that the leather belt buckle is strong and well attached to the leather belt. Strong buckles are safe, but it is not advisable to wear them in harsh conditions, as the leather could get damaged easily. The leather belt that you will choose can have precious and semi precious stones attached or not, depending on the preference of the owner. Also, full grain leather belts are not as comfortable as split grain ones, since they feel stiff to the touch.

To summarize, we suggest you to follow the steps mentioned above. This will help you find the right leather belt for you, so that you can look great anytime and anywhere. However, if you want to learn how to buy a belt (and what to look for), please visit our website. The belt descriptions there are also helpful, and the tips on how to clean and maintain it are also very useful.