Nursing is an immense area of opportunities for all those people who are willing to offer help to others. This field of work have got different sorts of responsibilities and working environments so as to fit as per one’s personality and pursuits. This field is panoptic from non- general nursing tasks to direct form of nursing services in different hospitals.

Standard Healthcare nursing jobs are always comes in mind whenever any individual hear about the term nurse. Such jobs are generally situated in the healthcare centers and also feature 長者照顧 various forms of skills which are for sure required. The Healthcare nursing jobs in the healthcare and hospital centers contain:

• Staff nurse – These nurses are responsible for taking care of the patients on the floor. Actually, these patients suffer from psychiatric illnesses and cancer. Moreover, these nurses also take care of the newly born babies and mothers, surgical patients and emergency patients.

• Surgical nurse – The surgical nurses organize patients for their respective surgeries, also help the doctors in the surgery process, and are responsible for taking proper care of the patients after surgery.

• Nurse Supervisor – The nurse supervisor are there to supervise the staff nurses working on the floor. Moreover, they sometime handle the work of firing and hiring the nurses for the staff.

• House supervisor nurses – The house supervisor nurses to handle the work of almost entire hospital and also aid in assisting the staff nurses if they require any help.