I love any type of workout that allows me to get outside and use funny and odd looking equipment. In this case, it’s usually anything having to do with my weighted dragging sled that I made for less than $20, pushing my Camaro around my old high school parking lot, throwing 50 lb plates up in the air as high as they can go, or doing farmers walks with 60 pound buckets full of sand. Am I little crazy? Maybe some might think so, but they’re usually those really lazy types who like to make excuses for being out of shape, overweight, and unhealthy. They’ll be converted to the dark side one of these days.

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Anyways, this gladiator workout is going to be short and sweet and contain many elements and pieces of equipment that you might have lying around your house or in your backyard. Remember, your workouts don’t always have to be inside of a gym with big pieces of shiny and expensive equipment. You really don’t need much to get a great workout in the books, especially if your goal is to just maintain your health, stay healthy, get in better shape, or drop pounds of belly fat. You just need to have an open mind and become creative with the tools that you have lying around your house Steroidshop.

So when you think of Gladiators and a gladiator workout, what do you see? Well if you’re me, I see giant men with slabs of muscle and virtually no body fat. I also see gladiator women who are lean and can kick the butt of any average man of today. I also see scars, blood, and battles, but this post is not about any of those shenanigans so we’ll leave that out.

Now I’m sure that a lot of this has to do with Hollywood and it’s representation of gladiators in their environment, which of course is for our entertainment and viewing pleasures, but in reality, they probably weren’t that “large” to begin with. When you think about it, to get freakishly muscular requires a tremendous amount of calories. To put this into perspective, for the average man who is not on anabolic steroids and has average genetics, he can expect to gain around 10-15 pounds of solid muscle per year and this number decreases as his training age increase. And for women, this number is less because of the decreased amount of testosterone that is produced.

Granted, I’m sure there were some freaks just like we have today but they are far and few in between. What they did probably have were broad shoulders, wide backs, and Popeye like arms. This is all from the type of training that they did for hours on end to prepare for battles in the coliseum and across Rome. Also their training was not that sophisticated as it is today. It’s best to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to exercise. There is no need to get crazy with complicated exercises, programs, periodization models, and that shiny new training apparatus.

So that’s why this gladiator workout is going to be really simple with only things that you have around your house. You can also make these things if you want, or buy them online.

So for the first part of your workout, you’re going to do the 100 Burpee Challenge. You can read about it by clicking the link, but all it is in a nutshell is you timing yourself to do 100 burpees as fast as possible. If this is your first time, try and get all 100 under 10 minutes and gradually whittle your time down as the weeks go by.

This first part of the workout is meant to set the stage for the coming hour and to prime your body to be ready for whatever you throw at it.

The second part of the workout is going to be heavy forward sled drags. So load up your sled, or a duffel bag with weight. If you’re using a duffel bag, just run 20-30 feet of boat rope through the handles. Grab the rope, lean forward away from the sled and take big steps forward. Try and go for at least 50 yards until you reach failure. Once you reach failure, pick up a heavy dumbbell, press it overhead and hold it there and walk back to the starting position.

From there, turn around and put the dumbbell in the other hand and walk back to the sled. These 2 exercises are killers for your cardiovascular system, your entire lower body, your upper body stabilizers and your abdominal wall.

Shoot for 4 trips in total for these 2 exercises.

The next part of the workout will be with the use of sand bags. You can purchase these online or make them yourself just like the sleds. You’re going to grab your sand bag and place it in front of you, holding it in the crook if your arms up across your chest. From there, you will rep out 20 front squats. Once your finished, grab the sides and hoist it over head and do a set of overhead presses for 30 seconds straight as fast as possible. Feel free to dip down with your legs for a little assistance. Once you complete the 30 seconds, you’re going to head back to your sled, grab the rope and do rows for 100 feet. Make sure your arms are outstretched and the rope is tight; from there pull the rope in towards your body while keeping your torso upright. Make sure to squeeze your abs tight so you don’t fall forward. Then take a step back until the rope is tight again and do another repetition.