Fish oil supplements might be a good alternative if you want to keep your brain healthy and functioning at its optimum capacity.

The same as all other parts of our body the brain needs nutrients. It needs protein because that is needed for the building of cells. Carbohydrate is needed because carbohydrate gets processed into glucose,or sugar.The brain uses glucose for energy. And, of course vitamins, minerals and even water are important.

The most important nutrients for the brain are essential fatty acids. These cannot be manufactured by the body but need to be obtained through the diet we eat. It just so happens that our regular, day to day diet does not provide us with these fatty acids. They mainly have to come from fatty, cold-water fish. If we do not like fish, are allergic to it, or are worried about contaminants such as mercury, PBCs and others, we could take a high quality fish oil supplement.

The DHA in the omega 3 of fatty fish is crucial for brain development and maintenance. 60% of our brain Sonavel consists of fat. And 75% of the sheath that covers our brain cells is made up out of fat. DHA is needed to transmit signals between parts of the brain, between the brain and eye, and between brain and nerve system..

If our brain does not get the proper nutrition we might have to deal with the following consequences:

  • memory lapses
  • we become disorganized in our thinking
  • we might have mood swings and/or become depressed
  • children might develop dyslexia
  • children might develop ADHD
  • hyperactivity
  • violence

It is also a known fact that most of the populations in the Western countries have a deficiency of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. And it’s not all that hard to remedy this by either eating fish, regularly or taking a good quality fish oil supplement

I find it amazing that people will stand in line to get an H1N1 shot for hours and hours. But many people do not seem to find they need to make sure their brain gets proper nutrition. Or, maybe they are now aware of it.

Yes, I know people are dying from the H1N1, even children. And that is sad. But every year there are people dying from having one flu or another. Did we hear those stories on TV? No, simply because the sale of a new vaccine was not involved in other years. This year the pharmaceutical companies will have to use their scare tactics so everybody feels they have to get this vaccination. I do not even think it has “proven itself yet”. But that is just my opinion and you are free to disagree.

Yes, you may say I am using scare tactics to make you buy fish oil supplements. I am just mentioning some symptoms of Omega 3 deficiency and encouraging you to ask yourself if you might have this deficiency. Also, the solution does not involve drugs and substances that can have nasty side effects.

And…as an extra bonus fish oil capsules of good quality have a positive effect on so many other health conditions. It is one product that seems to be getting the blessing from both mainstream and alternative health professionals.