There are many options available to all to achieve firm, youthful, smooth and healthy looking skin.

Face lift, which is really an operation, is among the earliest methods for combating age and reducing wrinkles. Going under the knife is a huge makeover and is the most costly process.

Thousands have been flocking to have facial filler injections. Although it varies in price, it is not uncommon that a mere injection to fill one line can run over $300. Fillers come with side effects, and no one knows the long term effects. The results are not permanent either, so you will need more filler in time.

A spa visit for a facial is never-ending option. Although the results will relieve the tired look, oxygen facials cost over $75. Maintenance for that continual glow is at least a once a month process, that as a minimum is $900 a year for facials.

The closest thing we have to the fabled fountain of youth is the Derma Wand. This at home hand held device is similar to the ones used in spas. It’ll save you a ton of money in the long run Derma Prime Plus because it slows down the hands of time with amazing results.

The Derma Wand was made to be a mini-spa program for facial toning while working on wrinkles, sagging skin, and discoloration. It is based on the similar thermal oxygenating skin care system that salons use with their facial treatment techniques.

Derma Wand stimulates your facial skin to achieve that healthy glow and rids you of dull dead skin cells. The Dema Wand allows gravity to do what it natural is supposed to do by massaging certain muscles in the face that may have been dormant for many years.

Derma Wand provides a workout for your facial muscles, in a similar manner as exercises done to tone muscles on your body. Its simplicity will amaze you, and you will make it part of your wellness regimen.

Depending on the type of your skin, you may only see minimal results in the beginning, since the procedure will temporarily smooth medium facial lines. The effects become more noticeable and last longer after using it for a while.