Did you ever see a license plate from a car from Missouri? The bottom of the plate says ‘Show Me State’. That is the overall feeling regarding college recruiting – SHOW ME! College coaches are relying less and less on titles, awards, stats, letters of recommendation, camp evaluations and assessments. There is a lot of talent out there and they want to see things with their own eyes and make their own determinations regarding the quality of a prospective student athlete for their team.

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A personal highlight video (PHV) is the great equalizer. A PHV does not lie; it shows who you are and what you can do. It takes the guess work out of the equation for college coaches. You may be an All-State player but would you be an All-State player in a different and larger state. Stats become less important when you have a PHV. Stats are only as accurate as the person who is recording them; this leaves too much room for human error. High school and club coaches may play their favorites or upper classmen and leave you sitting on the bench with little playing time and thin stats. A PHV will show your talent when the official scorecard does not ไฮไลท์บอล.

Not too long ago having a PHV was the exception, not the norm. Now a PHV is mandatory if you have any desire to play college ball and you want college coaches to see you. Things have changed considerably during the past several years and this reinforces the need for a PHV.

  • A PHV no longer costs several thousand dollars to make. Not long ago a professional videographer was required to come to the field, shoot the game or practice and edit it down to a 5-7 minute highlight video. Now, the game footage can be shot with a hand held digital camera, an iPad or even a phone. Also, film editing software is relatively inexpensive and more user friendly.
  • Coaches are extremely busy and they will not randomly and blindly come to see your game without seeing a video first. Also, your season is their season and they are not going to skip a practice or a game to come and see you play. It’s about time and expense management. If you can’t make the effort to create a PHV, they probably won’t make the effort to come and see you play. By the way, the person who is competing for the same roster spot as you already has a PHV and has sent it to the coach.
  • Game videos shot from the last row of the bleachers which show the entire field, all the players at the same time and offer a 15 second highlight of you are worthless to college coaches. A coach is not recruiting the entire team, they are recruiting you. You must show your skill set, your game knowledge, your heart, your desire, your character and your talent. A college coach cannot see that in 15 seconds from 40 or 50 yards away. Do you want to earn that roster spot and scholarship?
  • A PHV does not lie; it shows who you are, what you can do and what you are capable of doing. The college coach does not care if your team wins or loses and by how much. The coach no longer cares about your awards or your stats. The coach is looking at you and is trying to determine if you have the skill set to play and be competitive on their team and in their conference.
  • A PHV is easy to share. Once you have the raw footage of games and/or practices, it’s easy to share it with hundreds of coaches by placing on a few high visibility websites that don’t require special user ID’s and passwords to access. The more coaches that see you and the easier you make it for coaches the more offers you should receive.

College recruiting is being done differently now than when your parents went to college. What was the norm then is now yesterday’s news. Most of your parents watched TV on a television set, read the newspaper (accent on paper), had a landline phone and sent mail in an envelope and with a stamp. Now, all of these things are being done on the Internet. It’s the natural evolution of things in our society. Highlight videos fit the same mold; they are now more common and the information is transmitted via the Internet.