Natural cancer cures do work; don’t be fooled by the disinformation. Some years ago I had seen my father, an aunt I was close to and a best friend die of cancer. Having studied the subject extensively on and off for some 10 plus years, I came to the firm conclusion, that there are workable natural health based cancer cures out there, but they have been suppressed.

The suppression of these vital life-saving, cheap, natural and non-toxic cures is caused by the manipulation of the medical establishment through money, politics and media: Yes, seduction, corruption and dishonesty have got the upper hand… Money is stronger than truth; the authorities cannot have alternative cancer therapies replacing Prostate Protocol and undercutting their business.

Regarding the inventor/pioneers with their cheap, natural and non-toxic cures, there has been a common recurring pattern that goes like this. First, the inventor/pioneer gets acknowledged by authority figures for the innovative discovery. Then the authority figures try to separate the inventor/pioneer, attempting to buy the patent (ownership). The authority’s ulterior motive, profit, is recognised by the inventor/pioneer as the reason for wanting to buy. Because the inventor/pioneer had more benevolent intentions, the offer from the authorities is turned down.

The refusal to be paid off by the medical establishment’s authorities (for example, the American Medical Association in the USA) is the start of a very stormy relationship between the two: The authorities pursue a course of action destined to destroy the inventor/pioneer; assassination of character, ridiculing the discovery (even when they know it works well!), whatever it takes…

So, instead of taking a Nobel Prize, the inventor/pioneer, because of their dogged determination to get the discovery recognised, a legal battle ensues with the big boys of the establishment. The cancer treatment related to the discovery is deemed by the authorities as unauthorized illegal medical practice. However, during the court cases, which could drag on and off for years, many witnesses stand in the dock to testify the success; that they have been cured by the inventor/pioneer’s treatment. Consequently, the case is thrown out through the window in favour of the inventor/pioneer, but the ever resourceful rich medical authorities find some other angle to pursue, so another court case ensues and so on.

-Here’s the thing to get (and it stunned me when I first realized this): The legal battles are not about the success of the cancer treatment, that’s not the issue. The court case issue is the fact that authorized medical treatment protocol was not followed!

Could you stand up to all the hassle related to the legal battles and take the unjustified character assassination attempts from the establishment? I know I couldn’t. Many innovators/pioneers have buckled under the long-term duress: Alcoholism, stress related deaths…