So you want to learn how to play jazz on the piano. This is really fun and exciting music to play, and there are courses available that can get you playing jazz in no time at all. You will need special instructions in order to learn how to play it, and by far the best place to find jazz piano lessons is online. Take a look at this article to find out why you need a course that includes jazz as part of its course outline, and why regular piano lessons are not good enough.

Jazz is fun

The difference between playing jazz and other forms of music is that you as a performer can interpret the song in your own individual way, and you can play the song a different way every time. There is a certain beat that can be found in jazz that you cannot find anywhere else, and this kind of beat is totally fun and alive. No wonder you have an interest in playing jazz!

The jazz mood

Jazz is so interesting because when you play it the songs will sound different every time based on your mood or the mood of the audience you are performing it to. Your performance of jazz will be directly influenced by your mood when you are playing. If you get together with a few people you will find that jazz takes on a life of its own, and the mood of every individual performer will help decide how a jazz piano particular piece is performed.


With jazz you are given more freedom to improvise and create. You are able to change the harmonies, the timing and the melodies according to your own personal style and abilities. There is a lot of creativity involved when you play jazz, but the best thing about it is you can change the tone every time you play the same song.

Jazz piano lessons

In order to play jazz properly you will need to have a basic understanding of the piano and reading music. It is also important to learn how to play some music by ear to help you improvise. There are courses available that can instruct you on everything you need to know to become an incredible jazz player.

Jazz piano lessons can be found on the Internet at very affordable prices. Finding a teacher at a music school will be extremely costly, and it is difficult to find one that can teach jazz properly. Most of these instructors are highly qualified to teach classical and traditional music. Your best bet is to go online and find a great course so that you can play the jazz you’ve always wanted to play.