Before the advent of online dating, communities relied on word-of-mouth, quick glances and professional matchmakers to create people’s happily ever afters. Now, with the arrival of the Internet 香港交友網, many people on the search for the loves of their lives have taken things into their own hands and head to the computer to find their husband or wife.

It would only be a bit of time before the first online dating communities morphed from simple virtual meet and greets into specialized dating sites complete with expensive 交友平台technological and psychological assessments to help their users find their ideal matches.

Long gone are the days of, boy likes girl, girl likes boy, they contact each other and that’s it. Now 識女仔途徑, many users undergo tests, algorithms, personality matching and communication filters to determine which matches are worth their time.

Society seems to agree with those methods because the industry is raking in more than 20+ million users per month and growing. Online dating managed to shake the stigma it received in its earlier years – which was that it was reserved for the lowest of the low in society – and is now valued at more than £2 billion a year in the United Kingdom.

That growth can be attributed to the entrepreneurial spirit of the dating industry. People today are connecting via their phones more than they are through their computers. Now, all the major and minor online dating sites have apps for phones so users can connect with others anywhere they want to.

However, is anyone really surprised with how many people use their smartphones to find their mates? Society does everything from pay bills to purchasing tickets and more via their phones, thus finding the one on a smartphone is only an extension of what humanity does naturally.

There are apps that are streamlined for users to find matches immediately wherever they are. Dating has taken on a whole new interest because it allows certain users instant gratification. It functions much like a type of love at first sight option.

Yet, the instant accessibility does not mean that online dating does not come without any pitfalls. The most common ones that can quickly prevent anyone from finding love pertains to the all-important profile picture.

A poorly taken photo, one that makes the member appear unphotogenic, or a lack of a profile photo can deter many potential love matches from contacting or responding to a match. A profile photo is the most important first impression because there are no second impressions in online dating.

Dating sites have vast databases of members and it means that users must make a good first impression immediately because many times there is no other chance for a do over.

Another issue which can hamper people in finding their love match is how they describe themselves. A catchy headline and straightforward, yet interesting descriptions is the key to solidifying an interesting description.

It is difficult for some people to describe who they are in a nutshell and they can say too much, too little or not proofread the words. Bad grammar coupled with a poor description will make someone run in the other direction just as quickly as a bad profile picture.

The best profile descriptions are truthful and capture the subjects in an honest and positive light. A profile is not an autobiography, but just a chance to show members’ best parts and unearth who they are to encourage other users to want to know more about them.

Online dating has undergone a dramatic change. Now people have access to all types of profiles on a seemingly endless amount of dating websites. Today’s options for finding love have never been easier for the people willing to log on and see the possibilities.