According to a study conducted recently into laser hair removal results, it has been proved that laser this treatment could be more effectively used when unaided rather than using it as combination treatment.

From the past few decades, the laser has become the most popular and widely accepted method to reduce or eliminate the growth of unwanted hair, a factor which has certain reflective psychological effects.

Based on the research of laser hair removal results conducted by a well known medical science team in the United States, of people who underwent the treatment at a private laser skin treatment center, found that standard hair removal reduction after 18 months of final treatment was around 75.9% for a small 12 mm spot size of laser. It was around 84.3% for those that experienced a 18 mm spot size laser, 77.8% for a combination therapy and around 73.6% for an Nd:YAG laser. Additionally the average pain sternness was also higher in the areas which received Alexandrite laser treatments rather than the Nd:YAG laser solutions.

The highest incidence of pain was reported in the areas which received a combination of treatments. The areas which were treated through a combination solution were also more prone to experiencing dark spots and hyperpigmentation on the skin. Although there are some studies showing effectiveness in the Alexandrite lasers rather than Nd:YAG ones, the topic is still debatable on the most effective laser 皮秒去斑 for removing hair. However the use of Nd:YAG or Alexandrite laser tools alone for nearly 4 treatment sessions with 8 week intervals could have a long term constant efficacy in hair removal or reduction with transient and acceptable adverse effects.

The laser hair removal treatment that has been around from the late 1990s, has become a popular option owing to its simple procedures which are quite easy to understand. The treatment works by passing a laser light beam though the skin. It targets the dark skin pigments in the hair, called melanin. Therefore when the beam strikes this hair follicle the powerful heat helps in destroying the hair follicle.

Laser treatment could be the best solution for those who are looking for an effective method in getting rid of unwanted hair. Some people have a misconception that this treatment can only be used on the face. However the fact is you can use laser hair removal solutions virtually on any part of the body including the delicate skin of peritoneum. This means that the treatment can be used for legs, the chest, bikini area, pubic area and your back, in order to get rid of your hair.