Of all the different condom sizes out there, which one is the right size for you?  Choosing a condom that is the proper size is the best way to maximize both pleasure and protection during sex.  The problem most men face it that they believe all condoms are created equal.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret – they’re not.

Pinpointing The Problem

If you experience any of these 3 situations, you are using the wrong condom size.

1.  The condom slips off during intercourse
2.  The condom breaks during intercourse
3.  Your sensation during sex with a condom is not as pleasurable as it could be

Why Condom Width Is The Most Important

The average condom is 7.5 inches long.  There is not much variety in condom length, yet this is where most men focus their attention.  Research shows that condoms stretch very well along their length, but do not stretch well along their width.  You can even test this at home with one of your condoms.

Condoms that are too narrow have a tendency to break and restrict your pleasure.  Condoms that are too wide for you have a tendency to slide off.

Snug condoms are those that measure less than 2 inches wide when pressed flat.  Regular condoms are 2 inches wide, large condoms are more than 2 inches wide and condoms with extra head room are more than 2.5 inches wide at the head. 

If you are less than 5 inches in girth, you will get the most pleasure and reliable protection by choosing a snug condom that is less than 2 inches wide.

If you are right around 5 inches in girth, you should choose a regular sized condom that is 2 inches wide to get the most condom hk out of sex.

If you are more than 5 inches in girth, consider either a large condom or one with extra head room to make sure you have the proper fit.

Condom Thickness Matters

Certain condom manufacturers spend more money on marketing and gimmicks than on research and development.  Are you using condoms based on who shows the most ads or who has the most shelf-space at your local store?

Fortunately, a select few companies have done men a great service and figured out how to engineer cutting edge ultra thin condoms that offer more pleasure and more strength than the average condom.

You are missing out on the best of all possible worlds if you are using a condom that is too thick.  It will decrease your pleasure and make you not want to use a condom.  Instead, you need to look for ultra thin condoms that get high ratings for reliability and pleasure