How Sugar Addictions Work

People are born with a sweet tooth. It is in our nature to crave the easy energy that sugar provides, and as long as we get an adequate amount of good, natural sugars from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and even healthy proteins, we can stay out of trouble.

The problems begin when we are exposed to more sugar than we need, and when we start to eat less wholesome foods in greater amounts. Often, the excess sugar we take in comes in the guise of things that are supposed to be good for us. Processed foods, including regular pasta, parboiled rice, and even packaged potatoes contain the kind of sugar that is best left behind. So do salad dressings, cereals, and even baby formula!

The secret to ending sugar addictions lies in the glycemic index, which measures the effect various foods have on our blood sugar levels. Some foods, like soft drinks, candy, and sugary desserts are obviously high on the scale, while others, like beans, whole grains, proteins, and green vegetables take longer to break down into sugars. Eating only foods that are low on the scale for as little as two to three weeks, and Glucofort then gradually adding healthy sources of natural sugar, like fruit and high glycemic index vegetables, can help end an addiction to sugar.

What You Can Do to End Your Addiction To Sugar

Surprisingly, ending sugar addictions can be almost as hard as quitting smoking, or ending a relationship with alcohol or other drugs. If you are serious about gaining the benefits that come from ending an addiction to sugar, then there are some things you can do to make the process easier.

First, educate yourself. Learn more about sugar addiction and find out why it is so dangerous. You could be at risk for diabetes and other diseases if you continue eating the same way you have been. Being motivated to make the break from sugar will make it easier to maintain the commitment to change.

Second, come up with a strategy to beat your addiction. Have a plan for what you will do if the urge to eat sugar hits. Have healthy foods available that will satisfy your nutritional needs and your taste buds. Your friends and family should be involved also as support is crucial.