Consumers have become more informed about when they recycle their phone for cash, especially when it comes to the environmental aspects. Having said that do consumers actually know what journey their handset takes once it has been recycled.

Through an investigation into the mobile phone recycling market, we can trace handsets with original purchase history in the UK being recycled through a UK partner and then sold and refurbished in Far East all within a few weeks. There are some recyclers that notebook 回收 do refurbish phones in the United Kingdom, however the majority of recyclers will usually transport the handsets they have bought out of the UK within only a couple of days from purchase. Our conclusion therefore is that the majority of phones recycled in the UK will end up being refurbished or disposed of and then sold into a less developed country.

When questioned regarding this conclusion, the recyclers advised that the money required to fund these large mobile recycling businesses is huge. Their cash exposure could be in the millions of pounds per day and when you factor this by the number of days it takes for these businesses to batch and sell on the handsets, the numbers involved in recycling are just massive.

We asked the recyclers how exactly do they minimize this exposure, a very plain and simple answer was that the recyclers are buying your phone for cash; with an order for the handset already placed by an in Asian / African buyer. Thus the sell price you are offered when recycling your phone for cash will differ daily depending on orders placed if you view just one phone recycling for cash website.