The least you should strive for is between two to three times a week to improve your search engine visibility. If you don’t have the technical background, you can either search or ask about software that you can set up. When you write an article or postings arranged in date order that interests a special target audience, you will start getting a bunch of eyes to your blog.

There are three ways a blog can help you realize your life long dream of working on your own Forbes:

1) If you decide to blog, make sure you do it on self-hosted platform; ie WordPress. You will manage your own postings and do your search engine optimization for visibility on the web.

2) Search engine loves blogs, so it will be beneficial for you to your page rankings, just keep updating it with unique and original content. The search engine robots will come for more and will index your pages much more quickly.

3) Don’t forget to monetize your blog, place your Google AdSense and maybe other ads embedded with your affiliate username. Don’t overdo it, people don’t like blatant ads.

If you follow these three basic tips, you will be successful, but you must be patient because free organic traffic comes slow but surely.

When you think about blogs, you should view them as a recount of your personal life and achievements. The blogs have become an important marketing business tool for the internet marketing strategy and your public relations. What is the positive side of having a blog? You tell your side of your story, you don’t have like other people influencing you on what to say or write. There have been a lot of media editors and reporters that have turned to the so called blogosphere to get their daily news and they really appreciate the wealth of news available in the blog arena. Most of the news in magazines and newspapers have started from a blog posting.

One very important fact about the search engine marketing strategy is that search engines just love the blogs. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other secondary ones like AOL & ASK are constantly searching or “crawling” the web for unique and relevant content. These little “spiders” or Search Engine robots are definitely content hungry. Even though that blogs consist of mainly of words and maybe have a few graphics and probably some embedded video, they capture the interest of many web surfers all around the Internet. If you want to win in this search engine game, you must combine some good keywords with external links. When you take care of all these details, your business will gain unquestionably more search engine visibility and so more traffic.

When you start getting that organic traffic, watch-out because the cash register of your website will start ringing. But the opposite side is that anyone can start a blog but if somebody is either offended or feel you have threaten them in someway, they can make your life miserable. Your reputation can be shattered in a heartbeat and that is really bad news for you. Don’t turn your blog into a corporate mogul tool, but rather be honest and write in simple terms and a little bit of humor always work.

When you setup your blog on the web, it could be a whole different ball game, opening big time opportunities for small businesses that only you could dream about in the past. You need to merge your blog into the internet marketing strategy to improve your personal relation campaigns. Weblogs are more personal than commercial, forming a bond between your prospects and you, turning them into customers. That bond is the integral building block for a long-lasting relationship that will help you form the main structure of your website. Besides they will help you build your search engine visibility for your site.