password keeper app

Password Keeper is an all in one password keeper with PC synchronization and Skydrive backup functionality. You are able to store all of your web passwords, online banking details, credit card numbers or any other sensitive information with just a few clicks of the mouse. Passwords are easily synced between PC with Windows 8 application. Here are some ways by which you can synchronize your password on password keeper with your PC:

o With the password keeper app on your mobile phone, use any of the three services provided by the app to create and synchronize your passwords. The three services allow you to sync up your passwords on your phone with your PC or laptop. You can also synchronize your passwords on the password manager site on the go. For security purposes these services only allow you to store one password for multiple accounts. Any password other than the primary one you have should not be stored on your phone or other mobile device, as it will be accessible to everyone.

o With the password keeper app on your mobile phone, you can use the web browser on your PC or laptop to log into your accounts on your mobile devices. If you do not have your PC or laptop with you, then open the web browser on your PC or laptop and enter the website you wish to access. A window will pop up and ask you to enter the username and password you used for the account on your PC or laptop. Type the password exactly the same way as you would in the case of the traditional passwords.

o If you have forgotten your username or password, you may need to reset your password. To do this, launch the password manager app and click on “reset password.” You will be asked to enter the new master password. This is probably the best free password manager. If you are unsure of your password, then this is how to go about it.

o There are some advanced features in this password keeper, which will help you in remembering stronger passwords. The advanced password resetting option is available from the main menu. If you have forgotten your master password but still have access to your accounts, then you can reset them with the advanced option. Even if you reset them, you will still have the master password and other important passwords.

o Roboform is another password management software, which helps you create strong passwords and logins even when you are offline. You will find a link to the Roboform home page at the bottom of the home page of this password management software. Roboform stores all logins and passwords in a secure database. If you lose your logins or passwords, you can be certain that your email address and all the rest of your user names and passwords will remain safe forever. The secure feature of Roboform is just one of the reasons why this particular product is liked by so many users.

o If you use password management software for your web browsers, then you should also be using the Norton Identity Theft Protection app. You will find some instructions on how to install this app on your computer. Once you install this application on your computer, then you will have single username and password for all the browsers that you have registered. It is an added advantage for you to use password management software for your web browsers. Most people fail to use password protection while they are online as they think that there will be someone who is tracking their every movement.

You must have paid attention to the types of protection that you used. If you didn’t pay attention, then you would have found out that you can actually save your passwords and use them later on. These types of password managers will help you to remember strong passwords for all the important websites. There are different types of password manager apps available in the market. Choose one from the list of password apps that are offered for free.