The clubs in my golf bag used to consist of a driver, irons (4-10), a sand wedge and a putter. The one club that I was missing was a fairway wood. The dilemma I always had was whether to carry a fairway wood or not. Until recently I didn’t carry the fairway wood because I couldn’t hit it so why tempt myself by leaving one in the bag. However, I decided this year to bite the bullet and get one for my birthday. The problem I ran into, was with so many choices of clubs out there how do I select the right one. Well here are a few things I learned along the way that may help you out when purchasing a new club. best golf hats

Hit different clubs and find the ones you like:

So many golfers I know run to the closest sporting goods store, pick a club and purchase it on the spot. I would strongly recommend not buying a club this way. Many stores these days that sell golf clubs have an area that you can go to and test the clubs you are interested in purchasing. I happened to purchase a three wood, but before I made the actual purchase I hit five different three woods, and believe it or not three right off the bat didn’t feel as good as the others off the club. So automatically they were crossed off the list. It left me with two clubs, the Taylor Made Burner and the R9, and both felt terrific. My next concern was what shaft and degree of the club head to get.

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Get your Swing Analyzed:

With today’s technology, there are stores out there such as Golfsmith that have the technology to analyze your swing. The analysis tells you how hard you are swinging, where you are making contact, the flight of the ball. Depending on the results, you may need a stiff shaft or a regular shaft with a low or medium torque. Depending on the club, you may need a different degree on the face of the club. There are different options when purchasing clubs and you want to get the ones that best suit your swing.

When it was all said and done I ended up purchasing the Taylor Made Burner three wood. Why did I choose that compared to the R9? Quite simply I hit them both the same, except the burner was cheaper so I went with that. I must say I am extremely happy that I went through the process of hitting different clubs and getting my swing analyzed. Because of this I know I made the right purchase.