Are you looking for part time online jobs with no fees? They do exist and you can even work within the comfort of your own home doing them. There are various sites offering jobs in exchange for your payment to them but beware. These kinds of sites are simply scams. There are many legitimate sites willing to hire and provide you good pay. All you have to do is the task they ask you to do.

You can consider the following jobs: Amazon Mechanical Turc, Answer Pay and Solution Auctions. Let’s tackle them one by one 유흥알바.

1. Amazon Mechanical Turc

This is otherwise known as MTurc. This requires a small amount of time. Clients will present a ‘HIT”. These are sets of job descriptions where you can categorize yourself. If you work under this, you can earn qualifications which can lead you to a more comprehensive position. You might ask what you usually do with this kind of job.

For example, your client will instruct you to listen to a certain podcast for a specific length of time. They will ask you to tally the frequency a certain word was mentioned. For this very simple job, you can earn $8.

2. Answer Pay

This is already available even though beta testing is still in process. You and the page owner will share space with advertisements and you need to have an AdSense account as a mode of payment. They will ask different questions and you will have to pick one. There are questions like “Who is the last person you saw?” or “What will you do when there is a solar eclipse?” Your rate will start once you state the question and you provide an answer.