Any horse enthusiast, especially the one who plans to take care of a horse must realize how important proper horse care is. It serves as a vital element in creating a bond between the owner and the horse. The quality of care, stabling and feeding significantly affect the performance of the horse 건마.

Regular Grooming

A horse just like man needs to be always well-groomed in order to be appealing. Its main purpose is to get rid of dust, dirt and other material such as burs or dried sweat from the horse’s coat. Not only that, it also aids to massage the skin and promote blood circulation. Overall, daily grooming of the horse will promote a healthy wellbeing and encourage the horse for a remarkable performance.

There are wild and domesticated horses that need a particular grooming care. Wild horses do this by rolling, scratching and licking each other. On the other hand, the owners of the domesticated horses have the responsibility to keep their horses suave.

The horses’ grooming kit includes a hoof pick, a hard and soft brush, a curry comb, a comb and brush for the forelock and tail and of course, a squeegee after washing the horse. Safety must be a priority when grooming a horse. Its head must be tied first in a way that can be controlled but can be easily released in case of an emergency using a quick release stable knot or a panic clip.

In order to clean and wash the horse thoroughly, start by gently scrubbing the coat with a hard brush to eliminate any hard crusts of mud or dried sweat. This is favorable for fleshy areas of the horse excluding the face. After which, a soft brush must be used to clean the horse from head to toe following every grain of the hair. Take note to continually tap the brush clean in order to avoid bringing dirt from one area to another. To remove the last dirt residues, wipe the horse with a cloth or hose and dry off it with a squeegee. Do not forget to include other areas such as the nostrils, corners of the mouth as well as the underside of the tail and the anus. Use a different sponge for each ends of the horse to maintain good hygiene.