Mink eyelash extensions are popular for women who want to add beauty and length to their eyelashes. Mink eyelash extensions are made of a durable synthetic protein fiber and are extremely long lasting. Women who have been pulling their eyelashes since young can now use extensions to make their lashes longer, thicker and darker. Mink lashes are ideal for those who have a natural tendency to have longer lashes.

mink eyelashes

You don’t have to spend all of your hard earned money or sit in an uncomfortable salon chair for long hours to get beautiful mink eyelashes. All you have to do is simply slick on two dollops of eyelash enhancer, brush on two layers with soft tweezers and apply them on your lashes. The texture of the product makes it feel more like you are just rubbing in product and not plucking. Mink lashes are created with a patented ingredient called Keratin, which is responsible for the extensions’ shine, durability and overall beauty. You won’t find any harsh chemicals used in these mink lashes as all are natural and created with the utmost in care and quality.

Mink false lashes made from vegan silk. This is a completely natural product that does not use any synthetic fibers, animal or synthetic ingredients. Vegan silk is hypoallergenic and safe for everyone to use. It is also free of any preservatives, fragrances, oils or dyes, making it an eco-friendly choice for beauty companies.

Mink magnetic lashes made from real human hair. Mink magnetic lashes are the most luxurious of all the types available. They are hand tufted to give you the look and texture of real hair. The human hair is cultivated and processed by an experienced team of experts to ensure that no one is allergic or sensitive to the product. If you are looking for something that will make your eyes sparkle, then mink magnetic lashes are perfect for you.

The next option you have for your false eyelashes is to use mink eyelashes that are made from authentic mink fur. These eyelash products are made from the fur of cows that are raised on large fur farms in South Africa. Mink lashes are expertly crafted and produced to last for up to eighteen months. The ink used in the manufacturing process is from the very best cuts of the mammal. There is no other type of eyelash production that can match the quality of mink eyelashes for your beauty needs. In addition, they are cruelty-free.

You may want to think about a product that combines natural ingredients with quality manufacturing to create a high-quality set of false eyelashes. When you pair vegan silk lashes with vegan silk eye serums, you get the ultimate in long-lasting, natural looking cosmetics. Vegan lash glue is the only glue used in conjunction with the vegan eye serum. The glue eliminates any caking, lifting, or tearing that often occurs when manufactured eyelash products are used without the aid of an adhesive. Once you pair vegan glue with the best vegan eye serums, you get long-lasting, all-natural looking eyelash products that will make you look fabulous!

Mink falsies are made from genuine mink fibers. The fibers are processed by hand to ensure they are free of all toxins and are color-treated to achieve an intense color. The colored fibers are woven closely together to create the illusion of long, beautiful lashes. The processing is so delicate that some of the mink fibers may tear during the wrapping process, but these fibers will be completely healthy after being washed and color treated. The only processing necessary to produce these falsies is the dyeing process to create color.

Mink volume lashes are available in two applications – either individual lashes or volume lash extensions. The volume lash set is a terrific way to add length and volume to your lashes. The lashes are not only longer-lasting and thicker than synthetic mink lashes; they are safer and more resistant to breakage. The volume lash set comes with two lashes included – each attached to a clump of natural-looking, thick natural-looking hairs. These lashes are pre-applied to the upper and lower lashes and then the remaining lashes are attached with the clumping glue.