Tradition of sending message in a bottle to loved ones is very old. It is not clear when this tradition started, but this is really a unique way of sending exclusive messages. There are several stories or famous folk tales which mentioned some ways of bottles in a message.

But whatever may be the time and reason of its origin. One thing which is clear, that is its popularity in even current modern world. People use this way of lovely message sending at several occasions to people whom they love or admire. These occasions may be birthday, marriage invitation, anniversary invitation, a New Year wish or normal Christmas wishes. Even your intense messages become more powerful and full of emotions and sentiments when they are sent in beautifully customized bottles 분당스웨디시.

Messages in Bottle as Memorabilia

These messages become more intense when sent in bottles most of the times decorated with flower petals, or different messages well crafted on bottles. People keep them as a memorabilia for lifetime. These cool looking bottles really become a cherished item for recipients. They can always remember the sender of message as well as love, affection and emotions shown by them in the message.

Invitation Message in a Bottle

These days message in bottles are becoming a great favorite among people for sending different kind of invitations. When you are inviting people over your wedding or engagement ceremony, anniversary, birthday party, New Year Party or Christmas meeting, then sending invites using specially customized and decorated bottles will be an ideal option, which will add extra value and impact to your invitations. No one will dare to miss your party just because of the intensity and emphasis of your invitations due to the unique way of sending them. Planning your wedding can be a cumbersome task, and it’s also a tough task to invite people. You spend a lot of time with your parents or would be spouse about different available options of sending invitations, they can have different opinion, but when it’s comes to invitation in bottles, there will be only one opinion…. YES, that’s the best way. Let’s move ahead.