Why have just a projection based home theater system, when you can have an interactive sports experience? A Visual Sports multi sport simulator allows you to play 5 great sports games all on one simulator. This system comes with football, baseball, soccer, basketball and hockey; all included in the base package.

The true advantage of this system is you are using all REAL equipment, which makes the system not only fun but it can be used as a training system as well. Your kids can compete against the computer or their friends for hours of fun, while at the same time improving their skills. Picture it, being able to practice your slap shot one minute and work on your fastball the next. All while getting feedback from the system on your game performance. The simulator doubles as a complete home theater system, watch TV, DVDs or switch over to your video game console like Wii and PlayStation 3 and continue the fun on the big projection screen. Image watching your favorite football team play a game on the big screen, when the commercials come on, switch over and practice passing a real football to simulated receivers. New games are being added, a great new release for 2009 was “Zombie Dodge ball 메이저사이트

The Simulator Doesn’t Stop There:
If you are a golfer, you will find the latest and greatest software with the new VG9. You can purchase 1 to over 30 courses, and the best part is you get to choose the courses you want. Practice your game on the built in driving range or test your skills and play a full round of golf against your buddies. If you are in the market for a golf simulator why settle for a system you can only play golf on? Why not add the other sports for the same price point as the others?

The Simulator:
This simulator uses a camera based system; there are four cameras, each camera takes 2000 pictures per second! This feature is great because you don’t have to dedicate permanent floor space for the sensors, unlike many other simulators on the market. When you want to play golf you simply drop down the hitting mat and start playing, when your done put the mat back in the closet. Thus removing tripping hazards and allowing you to keep your room open.

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