If you are so fortunate as to win a $500 shopping spree this holiday season, be sure to use the money to pay for Christmas gifts for yourself and others, rather than bills. The simple fact is, if the money is spent on holiday gifts, you will have $500 extra in your budget for bill paying. But, the psychological impact of enjoying the spending of money won is far more beneficial than relegating the $500 shopping spree winnings to taking care of financial responsibilities 레플리카.

Many $500 shopping spree entry forms are available online, by simply Googling the phrase “$500 shopping spree”. There are also many radio stations that deliver shopping spree prizes during the holidays, in great numbers. These winnings vary according to the particular radio station, and many stations offer varying locations to exercise the $500 shopping spree as the holiday season progresses. Most of the prizes are for shopping malls, where the cash value can be spent at multiple store locations and cover most of the extent of your holiday gift wish list without tapping into your personal finances.

If you enjoy giving gift cards as holiday gifts, break up your $500 shopping spree into small denominations and make lots and lots of people in your family happy! A $25 dollar gift card, especially if you have a large family, is a wonderful gift and will cover the costs of 20 people on your holiday list. If you only have 10 people to shop for, purchase a $25 gift for each, and also enclose a $25 gift card. With this strategy, you benefit both by getting credit for taking the time to pick out a gift and for providing a gift that the receiver will spend as they wish. A won $500 shopping spree does not even have to be entirely spent on gifts for others. Use a portion of the winning to treat yourself to a manicure or some other way to pamper yourself this holiday season.

Speaking of pampering, spa services are a great holiday gift also. If your $500 shopping spree allows, purchase ten $50 gift cards to be used for massage, or nail treatments, or hair styling. Giving the gift of an hour of luxury is well appreciated, as most people will find more practical uses for a generalized gift card. Spa services are a treat that most people will not indulge in, unless given the gift by a wonderful family member who has generously donated their $500 shopping spree prize.