God is the author of music and music is one of the many ways that God connects to His people. This is through singing when people began to respond on how the Lord has been good to them. And it is the role of every worship leaders to bring the people into true worship: worship in spirit and in truth which we can read in John 4:24. Thus, preparing a good line up will help the people to encounter God while singing. Our goal is to prepare the Church to enter in the very presence of God and allow God to dwell in the praises of His people.

There are four categories of songs in a lineup: the preparatory song, fast songs, love songs, and intimacy or high worship songs. Preparatory songs, from the root word ‘prepare’, are songs sung in the first part of the service to prepare or make the people ready in entering the presence of God. Fast songs are upbeat and happy songs that make the people clap and dance before the Lord 2022 mp3 song download. Love songs are slow songs written as a testimony of the goodness, kindness, love, and the many traits of the Lord. These songs normally tell how the Lord has been good to the person singing the song and can also be a song that asks something from the Lord like embrace, revelation or provision. While intimacy or high worship songs are songs that brings back the glory and praise to the Lord not asking for something in return. Here are some points and questions to consider in creating your line up for the celebration whether it is a small gathering or a big event.

Theme. What is the message that God wants to deal with His people? Whether it is God’s goodness or love, repentance or spiritual battle, each song must support the theme to help the people understand what God wants to speak to them. You can also ask the topic from your pastor on the message so that it will match the theme of the line up. Preparatory song can be excluded from this.

Key Progression. Is there a smooth shift in changing from one song to another? If you start in the key of E for the fast songs, the next song can be in the key of E also, and then the love song can be in the key of F progressing to G for the high worship songs. The change of key impacts the change in climate while we worship. It can either uplift the spirit or can make the burden feels heavier. According to Ptr. Dick Carumba, a preacher and a pianist, an anointed playing of instrument brings breakthrough, uplifting every burden of the people like piercing a cloud of darkness letting in a beam of light until it spreads out and soon covering the whole place with its brightness, allowing the people to enjoy staying in the presence of God.

The People. What age groups are singing the songs? If you have a small church and most of people are adults, sing-able songs and not too fast songs are preferred and you can also add some hymnal songs to your line up. If the gathering is for young people, then songs for the youth will minister. Our goal is to help the people sing the songs as though they are the ones composing it for God and not the songs that we would like them to sing for us.

Time. How many minutes are intended for the songs? For most churches, 30 to 45 minutes are given for worship leading. Submission to spiritual leadership is as important as submission to God since God instructs us to follow them. Submit means agree to, give in, yield, or surrender. Follow first before complaining. I believe if the Holy Spirit would like to do something that needs more than 30 or 45 minutes, He can speak to the pastor or whoever the appointed leader on what He wants to do since we have received one Spirit when we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior. And the Holy Spirit knows that you are to submit to spiritual leadership, He can actually touch the hearts of the people in just one song that you do not have to go through all the songs in the line up!

The move of the Holy Spirit is not based on how many songs you have prepared or how long you’ll stay in one song; it is dependent on how keen you are to listen to His voice and how sensitive you are to where He is leading you. Even if the Holy Spirit wants to say something, if your heart is not ready to receive, the message will not be passed on to His people. Worship is like a huge amount of water flowing through a tunnel, where the power and presence of God is the water and the tunnel is the worship leader. As the tunnel must be strong when the water passes through it so as the worship leader must be ready when the Holy Spirit pours out His presence during worship or else the tunnel will break down and the water will spill out everywhere.