For all those women who want to get better breasts but do not want to undergo a frightening surgical procedure, there is reason to celebrate. Alternative therapies have perfected several techniques to add that necessary bulk and tone to the breasts that could make them the objects of desire for men and the objects of envy for other women. These methods are called as the natural methods of breast enhancement. Some of these methods have been used traditionally by women over centuries, while some others of them are quite recently developed.

In this article we try to see some of the very commonly used alternative methods for breast enhancement.분당스웨디시

There are several exercises that could have an effect in bettering the tone of the breasts. These exercises are actually common chest expansion exercises. The exercises aim at improving the strength of the chest muscles, on which the fatty tissues of the breasts lie. The improved chest enables the breasts to settle better on them. This provides the breasts with a firmer and better-perked look.

Here it must be said that breast enhancement exercises do not actually increase the bulk of the breasts. Breasts are largely composed of fatty tissues, and no amount of exercise can ever improve fatty tissue. Hence the exercises work on the underlying muscle layers and provide the required firmness to the breasts.

Commonly used exercises are the pushups, chest extension exercises, bench presses, breast presses, arm swings, etc. In fact any exercise that works for the chest can be used. While exercising, one must feel the pressure being exerted on the tissues of the breasts.

One contention with the breast enhancement exercises is that they are very slow to show results, if at all they show any results. Also, skeptics argue that breasts cannot be improved at all by any amount of exercise. This point has already been elucidated before. Breast enhancement exercises are not meant to improve breasts, but they improve the chest which makes the breasts look better in return. And one thing must be remembered, even if the breast enhancement exercises do not show their desired results, there is no harm in trying out. Exercise can only benefit in improving the capacity of the chest; so the woman loses nothing.

(2) Breast Herbal Supplements

Alternative therapies like Ayurveda have come up with several natural herbal remedies for improving the shape and size of the bust. Commonly used herbs are pueraria mirifica, ashwagandha, kawa kawa, fennel, blessed thistle, wild yam, oats, ginkgo, etc. These are the main ingredients for a wide array of products that are thronging the breast enhancement market today. All these herbs have been used since centuries – especially in India – by women in order to improve their breasts. What modern science has done is to take the best essences of each herb and market them as individual products.

The herbal preparations are sold in the form of pills, creams, sprays, etc. Out of these the breast enhancement pills are the most popular. Women need to pop these pills in their mouth with water or milk, as the dosage suggests. The pills are generally taken after meals keeping a gap of one hour. Women love these pills because they come in conventionally sized bottles, which easily fit in the handbag of the woman. Creams and sprays are for external application. The frequencies and the times for which the breasts should be kept open after the exposure vary from brand to brand.

All these herbal supplements work by bringing about changes in the hormonal constitutions of the body. The female sex hormones are the estrogen and the progesterone. During puberty, these hormones play an important role in giving the final shapes to the breasts. Most of these herbal supplements introduce plant hormones into the body, which perform a similar improvement of the breasts. But this is in fact the main argument against herbal supplements. Doctors do not like the idea of tampering with the natural hormonal balance of the body.

(3) Breast Massage Techniques

The breasts can be massaged in order to bring an increase in their sizes. There are different techniques to massage the breasts. Massaging frees up the blood canals in the breasts, facilitating a better blood circulation. This may be an important factor in shaping up the breasts. Some women have toxic buildups in their breasts due to milk that remains in them after the baby is weaned from the breast milk. Such toxic wastes can be properly canalized into the blood stream by massaging the breasts.

The biggest advantage with breast massage is that it can be incorporated into the foreplay during sexual intercourse. The male partner can massage the breasts of the female before the actual penetration. This would not only serve as an important natural method of breast enhancement, but it would also build up the sexual frenzy.