Anyone that knows the basics about roulette knows that it’s the presence of ‘0’ (and in American roulette ’00’) that gives the house an edge. The house edge is 2.7% for a single zero game and 5.26% for the double zero game. It’s this edge that guarantees loss in the long term. There are no betting systems which can overcome this house advantage download pussy888.

So what if there was no zero on the roulette table? Well, the game would be totally fair. A bet on red that pays evens would have an exactly 50% chance of winning. In the long run you would not be up but you wouldn’t be down either. Theoretically, you’d break even in the long term.

Is there a casino that offers a zero roulette table? Betfair have a zero lounge which contains a roulette table with no zero. There are a total of 4 casino games with zero house edge. Roulette is the easiest one to understand out of the 4 though. For example, the house edge on blackjack is zeroed by paying 2-1 for suited blackjack as opposed to 3/2 and 5 card 21 pays 2-1 too.

So how does Betfair make money on a zero edge table? Its to do with the likelihood of bankruptcy. As Betfair has unlimited funds in comparison to player. In the long term the player will theoretically break even but if the player goes bankrupt the game is up. The player has no way of winning back their funds.

Its easier to think of this in terms of a fair coin tossing game with amongst two people, say, Alice and Bob. They take it in turns of tossing a coin and the other person guesses heads or tails. For each correct guess the winner wins £1 from the other. If Alice and Bob both started with £5 then there would be an equal likelihood of either going bankrupt. But say, Alice started off with £100 and Bob had £5. You can see that even though the game is fair, Bob is many times more likely to go bankrupt before Alice is.