There are many things to consider when moving, whether across town or across the country, and one important question is – WHEN? Moving your family or your business is one of life’s most stressful events, and if not planned and executed properly, it can be disastrous and expensive!

First you should assess your non-negotiable constraints; are you starting a new job or going to school? Do you need to vacate your present residence on a certain date? If you can, negotiate a better date to give up possession of your old location.

Hiring the right moving company is essential, so do the research, ask friends and relatives for references, and check the references carefully. The right movers will be able to answer all your questions fully and offer suggestions to help your move go smoothly. A good moving company will undoubtedly recommend that you choose your moving date carefully, and flexibility in this area is key to making your move an easier, less expensive transition.

One way to look at it might be to ask; what is the worst time to move? Moving companies will be run off their feet during summer months as well as at month’s end. Mid-month can be busy for movers too, especially June through September. No matter how efficient the moving company, they have a finite amount of equipment and manpower, and can only complete so many moves within a given time frame.

Another poor time to move would be during major holidays. The roads are always much busier, and traffic delays can be costly, not to mention the higher accident risk Moving company amsterdam of busier roads. Planning your move for immediately after the holidays also gives you the opportunity to arrange final get-togethers and say your goodbyes to the friends, neighbours and relatives you are leaving behind. It also may be more difficult to book a moving company during major holidays, movers have families too, and many want time off for their own holiday celebrations.

So an out-of-season move will mean you can book the movers more easily and they will have more equipment and manpower to achieve your move efficiently. They won’t be exhausted from overwork and will be appreciative of business during the slow season. This might also mean you can negotiate a discount in rates that would be unlikely in the busy time.

People with school age children usually want to time their move so as to cause the least disruption to their children’s school life. This means summer holidays, or to a lesser extent spring break or winter break is when they prefer to move. If you don’t have children, or they are grown and gone, or your move doesn’t involve a change of schools for them, or maybe you have exceptionally well-balanced and gregarious children who would not be worried about moving during their school year, then you can avoid moving in summer, or through holidays.

If you are moving because the company you are working for wants to relocate you, you may be able to negotiate with them, choosing a better time to move than in the busy season. Perhaps your company is footing the bill (or part of it) for your move, in which case they may want you to avoid busy times so as to save themselves some money!

If you are moving your business, you may have little choice about exactly when you do so. Obviously if your business is at all seasonal, it will be essential to move during your quiet time, whenever that is. It would be foolish to plan a move that would adversely affect your day-to-day business. It could even be fatal for your business if the move interrupts your most profitable season, when you rely on that period to carry you through quieter times. But you probably already know this, or you wouldn’t be running a successful business! You simply need to weigh the higher costs of moving during the busy summer season against your potential business losses to decide what is right for your company.

Nobody likes moving in winter either, so this can mean it’s a great time for your relocation, again remember to avoid month end and holidays. Although you may want to consider carefully the difficulties of moving in the dead of winter in some of the colder parts of the country, it’s not a great idea to have those doors propped open during a blizzard!