Do you wish there was a way to stop premature ejaculation? Do you feel embarrassed that you ejaculate before your partner even has one orgasm? Many relationships suffer because of the man’s inability to last long during sex. Not only is it embarrassing for you, it’s also frustrating for your partner. You ejaculate too quickly, and she doesn’t get to orgasm at all, unless you go down on her. For some women, that’s not always enough.

The good news is there are techniques to help you stop premature ejaculation Klw gummies. Some of these techniques you can learn on your own, without investing in any treatments.

Here are 5 fantastic secrets for stopping this embarrassment once and for all!

1. Stay focused during sex and remember to breathe. One of the biggest reasons why men lose it too early is because they can’t control their excitement. Try taking deep breathes and relaxing your body in order to control your sex drive. Some experts recommend drinking a glass of red wine before lovemaking. You could also try yoga or meditation. Do whatever you need to do that will allow you to stay calm and focused during sex.

2. Do pelvic muscle exercises. Women do these too in order to prevent incontinence. You can strengthen your pelvic muscles by flexing and holding them. One way to do this exercise is to stop ejaculation for a few seconds during masturbation. Hold the penile muscles for three seconds, relax for three seconds, and repeat. Do this over and over again so that you’ll be able to stop premature ejactulation during sex.

3. Masturbate a couple of hours before sexual intercourse with your partner. This will lessen your excitement during sex, while at the same time increasing your ability to last. If you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of your desire in order to last longer, then this technique might be helpful. While masturbating, you can do the pelvic muscle exercises.

4. Wear a condom or use desensitizing cream. In general, men don’t like wearing condoms. However, wearing one will help reduce the stimulation and sensation you feel during sex. Condoms will not only protect you from diseases, they’ll also help you to stop premature ejaculation. If you don’t want to wear a condom, try using desensitizing cream, as it can lessen the sensation as well. However, women can feel the cream too, so ask her if it’s okay before applying it.

5. Try an herbal stimulant. There are herbal supplements and vitamins men can take to improve sexual health. Many of these are available at any drug store. Herbs such as maca extracts, horny goat weed, and tongak ali are stimulants that can increase your energy and sex drive. Most herbal supplements are safe, since they are made with organic ingredients. You should still let your doctor know that you’re going to take them, though.