There are dozens of companies who make play tents. However, only a few stand out as companies who focus on play tents and similar products for kids.

Pacific Play Tents – These tents are certainly some of the most popular tents you can find on the internet. Pacific Play Tents is a private company that seems to focus solely on play tents for kids and related products. Their product line features dome tents, bed tents

Camping Magazine Awards 2019: Best Compact Family Tent - Advice & Tips -  Camping - Out and About Live, tunnels, and play house tents. If you’re looking for a tent decorated by Disney Princesses or Dora the Explorer you won’t find any of that among the Pacific Play selection. However, they have a wide variety colorful and unique theme tents. Also, you might look elsewhere if you’re dead set on a pop-up tent because most of Pacific Play’s tents involve assembly with poles. However, the One Touch line of tents is an excellent alternative to the popup tent if easy setup is your primary objective.

Playhut – Playhut is the other brand most easily recognized by tent shoppers. If you’re looking for a tent that unfolds and pops into place, the Playhut brand is your best option. These play structures are definitely the fastest and easiest play tents to set up and take down. Playhut also partners with major retailers and well-known brands such as Disney and several major toy producers. You can find many theme tents sporting images from Dora the Explorer, Star Wars, Thomas the Train, Mickey Mouse and more. The Playhut brand also has many tents with various activities incorporated into the design, such as basketball hoops, putting ramps, and more. Look through the wide variety of shapes and sizes that Playhut offers and you’re bound to find something suited for your kids.

Haba – If you’re looking for something more stylish, Haba brand tents are the right choice for you. Many of these tents have a more decorative appearance and would look best as a permanent fixture in a child’s room. Thicker and softer materials as well as more ornate decorations of the tent make this an attractive addition to any child’s room, but it will also cost you considerably more.

There are many more play tent companies that make wonderful tents. Our recommendation is to decide what type of tent you’d like. Once you’ve narrowed your search, stick with a company that focuses on their tent line and if possible, the type of tent you’re looking for. Hopefully you’ll find a quality product that will provide your family with hours of fun.