You might have some ideas about how you can incorporate a blog into your marketing mix but don’t have a hint about how it can be used in different applications. Don’t worry though, if you are still confused about how to do that because you’re in for a treat.

We hear of success stories on a daily basis regarding the use of a simple tool like blog, from micro businesses to large corporations Yet, despite this, the majority of people running businesses still overlook the myriad ways that a blog can be used in their business.

The good news is that, when trying to find out how you can implement a blog as part of your business website, or as a standalone site, most of the time if you look long and hard enough, you will find a way a blog can fit in. After all, a blog is just another website with interesting features like automatic archiving, commenting, easy management and publishing. And what business doesn’t need those features?

Content management system (CMS) – Albeit far from a full blown CMS, a blog is more than enough for small to medium size businesses for managing content. Some blog software allow multiple authors, multiple blogs and static pages. This actually means more flexibility as a usable CMS.

Company news and updates – Blog software sort blog entries chronologically: the most recent entry appears at the top of the page. Anyone who can write e-mail can post to a company blog, skipping the tedious workflow.

Customer support – Manage knowledge base articles on a blog, allow customers to retrieve information easily by using a properly categorized system or search function. Let users ask question, receive feedback and others to read the conversation. I admit, this is scary for some companies as it knocks up against cultures that aren’t used to being so transparent. Actually though, if used correctly, a blog can increase credibility and customer relations to a higher level.