Ask any service-based business that uses an online scheduler calendar how it improves their operations and chances are you’ll hear positive feedback on ways the software automates their booking processes and makes it easier for customers to book their appointments conveniently at any hour of the day. Online scheduling calendars are becoming a “must-have” for businesses and organizations worldwide, given the Internet-driven society we live in.

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In addition to the many features offered in most online schedule calendar programs-such as online self-scheduling, automated e-mail and text message reminders situs slot online, payment-processing options and record-keeping and reporting capabilities-many businesses that recognize the importance of e-marketing to their business success are utilizing their online scheduling calendars to do just that.

Most business owners and operators can attest to the importance of regular communication and marketing to current and past customers. The devices used to send these messages have evolved through the years, from print advertising and paper newsletters to postcards and mailers. These days, most individuals are connected to the Web and want to receive their information electronically. The rise in popularity of Internet-connected laptops and SmartPhones allow these individuals to receive messages instantly, instead of waiting for days for a message sent through the mail or having to check e-mail on a home computer.

Businesses and organizations have caught on to this trend, hence the rise in popularity among e-marketing service providers such as Constant, iContact and others. These sites allow businesses to quickly create professional-looking newsletters and e-mails, import mailing lists of customer e-mail addresses, and monitor and track the success of messages sent. It can be a great way to quickly get the word out on last-minute deals, promotions or specials.

It’s also a great way to keep appointment slots full by adding an online scheduling component to the message.

In addition to communicating information to customers, a growing number of businesses are adding the component of online scheduling software to their e-messages. Many online scheduler calendar services provider their clients with “Book Now” buttons with a link back to their scheduling system. These buttons can really draw the attention of customers, many of whom are more likely to purchase services and book their appointment or reservation dates and times if they have the ability to do it right then and there, as opposed to having to open up a new window or manually navigate to a different Web site. Once they close your newsletter or e-mail message, the chances of them purchasing the service mentioned in the message diminish, even if they were interested at the time.

The framework behind most online scheduler calendar applications makes them ideal to use in conjunction in e-marketing campaigns. Specifically, the management of customer contact information gives the business an immediate starting point.

Most online scheduling calendars securely house important customer contact information-including e-mail addresses-in one centralized and easy-to-access location. These are customers and past customers who’ve already purchased services from the business or organization, so they’re familiar with the establishment and will recognize who the message is coming from. And their contact information is probably more current than in would be in manually-managed database or spreadsheet, as they’re likely to update any changes when they log in and schedule their services. This ensures that the newsletter will reach most of the recipients.

Some online scheduler calendar applications have developed integrations with e-marketing service providers, making it even easier to upload a customer e-mail list. With just a few mouse clicks, a business can quickly create its mailing list and be ready to distribute its messages.

Another characteristic between online business calendar software and e-marketing materials is that they’re both Web-based. This makes it relatively easy for businesses and staff to place a live link or button on the piece, so that customers can navigate directly to the online scheduler instead of having to type it into the Internet browser. It gives e-marketing pieces an advantage over their printed counterparts.