When you look into a sapphire engagement ring, what do you see? Is it purity and innocence or something different? It’s not hard to understand why sapphires have become sapphire engagement ring associated with love and marriage over the centuries. In ancient times, it represented protection from evil spirits. In Victorian England, royalty was associated with it because of its rare color.

Sapphire Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

Today, it represents elegance and wealth. The sapphire engagement ring is a beautiful choice to use in your wedding band. The intense color of the blue sapphire makes it perfect for use as a center gem. You might want to choose a single stone with an attractive gold band instead of a combination of different gemstones. If you really like blue, choose a blue sapphire engagement ring with an emerald green or ruby ring as a second stone.

For centuries, sapphire rings have symbolized power, faith and romance. They are available in wide varieties of colors and styles. Sapphires vary from blue, green, lavender to black. Each has their own unique symbolic meaning. Let us explore some of the timeless meanings associated with sapphires:

Green sapphire engagement ring styles symbolize harmony, fertility and earth. Blue sapphire rings represent eternity and time. Black sapphire rings symbolize wisdom, integrity and courage. When you combine these colors with other stones such as diamonds, pearls or even other gemstones, the entire look can be spectacular. Sapphires are often combined with rubies, emeralds or other precious stones.

September is the birthstone for those born in September. Rubies are often given during this period as they signify strong willpower and determination. A sapphire engagement ring given to a couple in September is a great way to celebrate their union. The birthstone for the month of September is also said to be “the stone that makes the September born” and many people believe that gemstones have an effect on the personality traits of people born in this month.

In many cultures, sapphires are considered to be lucky. They are thought to bring riches and prosperity. For centuries, sapphires have been used in jewelry and are believed to have many mystical powers. A sapphire engagement ring represents an eternal circle of love, friendship and trust. Whether your future bride is from a family that has a history of wealth or is just starting out, a sapphire diamond ring may be the perfect choice.