A GEM (global electric motorcars) golf cart is the perfect choice for those who need exceptional power and durability. This company offers some of the most diverse model selections and passenger seating arrangements on the market. Their dedication to high quality is unmistakable. Here are a few more insights into this unique company.

Top Line Power: The 72-volt battery system used in some models makes these vehicles some of the most powerful on the market today. Any GEM golf cart with this much power is going F95zone to be impressive and will certainly handle any terrain you need to put it on. Most other brands offer the 48 volt battery system today, which is still substantial, so this huge 72-volt power house is certainly catching some eyes.

Easy Charging: Even though the GEM golf cart contains one of the biggest power sources on the market today, it is remarkably easy to recharge. You can recharge your vehicle from any standard 110-volt outlet, and the charge time usually runs between 6 to 8 hours. This is very much in line with other brands who use smaller batteries.

Long Life: With a full charge, the GEM golf cart can go for about 30 miles. This mileage will vary, of course, depending on the weight inside the vehicle as well as the terrain it is being used on. Even so, this is a lot of miles for this class of vehicle.

Street Legal: Depending on the model that you buy, your GEM golf cart can be street legal in most states. This means that it comes with all of the safety equipment that is required by most states. It has a top speed of 25 miles per hour which is usually plenty within closed gate communities. The GEM golf cart is also a perfect choice for those who need transportation in warehousing facilities, school campuses, metro parking lots or street patrols, and many other paved-road uses.

Plenty of Seating: The GEM golf cart line offers a variety of seating patterns to choose from. You have the traditional two-seat vehicle which is perfect for golfing, but you also have other options such as the four- or six-passenger seating arrangements. In addition to plenty of room for humans, you can also get models with rear-end storage beds which can be used to haul tools, luggage, or other items.

All in all, the GEM golf cart can be fitted to meet most any need you may have when it comes to smaller battery operated vehicles. With lots of power from its big 72 volt powerhouse to plenty of speed, up to 25 miles per hour, you have all that you need to make these vehicles a part of your work or play.