Your online business identity is defined by your website and your web address. Creating Internet traffic to your site increases your business. With a carefully created website with wisely built links, you can generate more traffic to your website. Traffic equals increased sales. Blog sites are one way to market your business on the Internet.

You can design the appearance of your blog or you can hire a consultant. Optimizing your blog’s look could take hours and hundreds of dollars, when using a consultant There are many blog sites that offer blog themes that are already packaged for your use.

When choosing a site that offers pre-packaged themes, look for one that has good code structure, validates and does not have many bugs in the programs. You will want to have unique title pages and emphasize the post’s title and blog name. Visit numerous sites to determine the support that they offer and read the comments of the users. If you are not a programmer you need to find a site that will fix any glitches that you run into.

There are literally hundreds of blog templates on blogging platforms available. Some offer plug-ins that allow for the easy addition of widgets, some are very basic and others very customizable.

The most basic templates offer SEO, search engine optimization. Some templates offer enhanced SEO options such as RSS feed buttons, different ways to link pages and posts and allow for numerous plug-ins.

Customization of the blog theme you choose is important, unless you just want to look like everyone else in the crowd. Options to look for, would be color schemes, logo placement and availability in the number of column. One column offers the widest text area space and three columns offer the ability to see many things without having to scroll down.

Business aspects of the blog require the use of affiliate marketing links and shopping carts. Look for templates where these are included.

Links are the best way to generate traffic to your blog site. Articles are one of the best ways to build links. You can write articles or hire professional content writers. Ensure the articles explain your business in a clear manner that captures and holds the readers’ interest. At the end of the article add a live link to your website. Once you have your articles written, submit them to be published with several article directories. You can also publish on complementary websites upon entering a mutual agreement to add their link to your website. This minimal investment is a great way to create more business on your site.

Social networking sites are another way to build links. On your profile you can have your business link, while updating your friends with your businesses news. Online forums allow you to leave comments and posts about relevant content regarding your business and you can leave a link to your site as well.

Having a widget designed or creating an individual theme that reflects your business that you make available to the people on the social networking sites. Be sure that you place a link that leads back to your website.